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Leading women's soccer team using technology to accelerate development

Chicago-based professional soccer team Chicago Red Stars partner with Coach Logic to enhance their development programs for players and coaches.

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The Chicago Red Stars is an American professional soccer club based in Chicago, competing in the National Women’s Soccer League.  They introduced professional women’s soccer to the Chicago area and currently boast one of the best teams in the world, with a number of their players representing their respective countries at international level.

I am very excited to be working with Coach Logic again, this time with the Chicago Red Stars players and staff.

I have no doubts that Coach Logic will further enhance our ability to get everyone on the same page and be successful.

Gary Curneen
Chicago Red Stars

Systems and technology are a vital part of soccer in the States, but it’s important for the Red Stars that technology extends beyond the tactical, providing detail into training preparation, staff roles, individual player development and then feedback for every single component involved.

Rory Dames and Gary Curneen continue to emphasise the importance of consistent process at the Red Stars, and believe that Coach Logic further enhances their ability to get everyone on the same page and be successful as a club.

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