Freakish Athlete – or just freakish dedication?

Steve Smith’s double century is already starting to overshadow the heroics of Ben Stokes’ unbeaten and match winning century at Headingly.


The Importance of Goal Setting in Learning & Development

At Coach Logic, we’re committed to developing better players through the use of our innovative video analysis system. Since we started more than six years ago, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a system that can help transform coaching.

The most successful coaches – is there a secret to success?

Legends in their own disciplines, these giants have bucked the trend and are the benchmark that so many others are measured against. These are the World’s most successful coaches.

Challenging Conventions in Coaching

Imagine facing a squad of teenage rugby players and spending 45 minutes talking them through your analysis of their latest rugby match. There will be yawning – guaranteed. Coach Logic is determined to overhaul coach and player development.

The Role of the Coach in Building Team Culture

Richard Davies explores the role of the coach in building team culture and ensuring poor choices simply cannot be made in a team environment.

Mind the Gap: Being Liked & Respected CAN Work

Wednesday evenings means my favourite leadership programme is back for another year. BBC and Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice has, for the last 13 years, taught its viewers how to operate in high pressure situations,

What makes a Remarkable Learning Environments?

Two weeks ago, I was in ‘Free Dog’ in Bristol, a remarkable learning environment… no coaches, kids in charge, coaching themselves and one another, providing verbal and visual feedback.

A Life Away: Does Top Level Coaching have a ‘Sell by Date’?

Statistics never lie. They do not always paint the whole picture or do something justice but they never lie. How many days a year do think coaches at the highest level spend on the job?

Would you call me sweetheart?

Would you call me sweetheart? I am 6’1 a a very svelte 264 pounds. I am a softball coach and over the past 18 years have coached men and women, boys and girls.

Culture and Motivational Climate

In recent years the word ‘culture’ has become increasingly popular in the analysis of both good or bad team performance. I grew up as a Manchester United fan hearing throughout the 1990’s how Sir Alex Ferguson implemented a ‘winning culture’.

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