Pep Talks – does a motivating pre-game speech suit every athlete?

Nearly every movie about sports or coaching ends with a powerful pep talk from the coach that gets all of the athletes fired up and ready to go.

Performance Analysis solutions no longer support best coaching practice! (3)

I want to demonstrate how performance analysis can aid learning at both a player and coach level. These solutions are not complex and will certainly not require a degree to master.

IF You Coach, Then You ARE An Analyst!

The recent festive period and break from active work, afforded me some much needed time for reflection on, not only my coaching, but that of sports coaching practice in general. A 5,500km Australian family road trip can take much of the credit for this!

Doing Your Time – The Value of a Coaching Apprenticeship

The value of a coaching apprenticeship has benefited many professional coaches and offers great learning opportunities for all aspiring coaches.

Performance Analysis solutions no longer support best coaching practice! (2)

In this post I will look at the use of Questioning within performance analysis as a starting point to a discussion that will help lead to better, player owned solutions.

Performance Analysis solutions no longer support best coaching practice!

It’s late December and I sit in a coffee shop in Cologne, Germany listening to a ‘Best of Ocean Colour Scene’ album via Apple Music on my phone using the cafe’s free WIFI, whilst writing this blog via Google Docs!

Dembele for England.. The answer to our prayers!(?)

Over the last month or two, the UK public have been going wild (a little bit of an overstatement) about a young boy who plays for Celtic.

imitation game coaching lessons

The Imitation Game: Coaching Lessons from Alan Turing & World War II

They say that your response to challenge in the face of extreme adversity defines you as a person. If trying to penetrate the most complex code breaking system ever made whilst thousands of your countrymen are dying every day does not qualify as the highest form of extreme adversity, I would be intrigued to see what does.

Coach Logic app

The future of Player Feedback and Communication

In England, we get so little pitch time together as a club, training nights are for exactly that; training. So it was music to my ears when I was told about Coach Logic’s new app.

Filling in the Blanks: Negotiating the Grey Areas

If experience or research hasn’t taught you already, coaching is a complex and problematic profession.

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