Periodised Nutrition – tailoring nutrition to an athlete’s training programme

Lindsey Ormond explains how Periodised Nutrition has become popular and how the approaches can be tailored to certain athletes.

Improving Your Performance With Supplements?

The question of whether supplements are worthwhile and safe for athletes to use is always a hot topic. The pros and cons, risks and rewards need to be weighed up for each athlete and by each athlete who is considering using supplements. Of course, this is even more crucial for athletes who are competing at a level where they will be tested for banned substances. WHAT IS A SUPPLEMENT?Read more

The Power of Protein – for Endurance?

Protein has long been perceived as a key nutrient for those who want to gain muscle, which is no surprise given the key role a higher protein intake plays in building bigger muscles.

Only read this if you’re serious about improving your body composition for performance!

This article is principally aimed those participating in sport. Although the same principles discussed here apply to the general population there are many other factors that need to be considered when addressing these issues in this more sedentary population. These are beyond the scope of this article. In our increasingly obese society, the issue of weight (fat) loss is assuming greater importance as a major health issue. Obesity canRead more

Your are what you eat…or are you?

Our latest blog offering comes from Neil Elbourne, who is a certified Nutrition Coach and owner of Neil Elbourne Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. We are going to be running a little nutrition series, which will hopefully provide some useful information to ensure you get the most out of all your physical efforts.  Over to Neil… When looking at your dietary intake there should be three primary concerns: Body composition PerformanceRead more

Make the Most of your Pre-Season…Protein Supplementation.

This is the first in a series of blogs that will help you to Make the Most of your Pre-Season training, which many winter sports in the Northern Hemisphere are about to embark on. Our first entry is by Mark Ross who is an Exercise Physiologist at Edinurgh Napier University and Head of Sports Science for Murrayfield Wanderers. He explores Post-Training Nutrition in terms of what, when and howRead more

Setting the Mood – Dan Ward Smith

Dan Ward-Smith (DWS) is the Academy Manager at the Inside Running Academy, he is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and has started a weekly blog that will look to give advice to aspiring players and coaches. DWS has an extensive list of achievements in rugby both as a player and now as a coach. He played professional rugby for 12 years playing for Bristol and London WaspsRead more

The truth about sports drinks – Sports Marketing v Sports Science

Pre Season Training: As I wake up extra early and flood my body with a combination of water and salts to get myself prepared for today’s ‘horrendous’ session, I thought this article by the British Medical Journal may be of interest. “Disease mongering is a well documented phenomenon in healthcare….“Here’s a disease that you will get if you run. Here’s a product that is going to save your life.Read more

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