Does Video Analysis Reflect Your Organisation’s Goals?

Using video analysis is all well and good but does it reflect the goals of your organisation?

Benjamin Franklin

West Ham United Video Testimonial for Coach Logic

On a recent trip to West Ham United’s Academy, we captured a video testimonial.

Dan Carter - All Blacks

The Rugby Site – Top coaches travel far and wide to learn from other sports

The off-season is more often than not seen as an opportunity for players to recover and recuperate from a gruelling campaign and an extended break is certainly a must given the physical and mental demands of the modern game – but it is equally important that coaches recharge as well.   Pacing the training ground or sitting in the stand on matchday may not result in the kind ofRead more

Dan Carter - All Blacks

The Rugby Site – The Mindset of Champions – Dan Carter

Coach Logic partners The Rugby Site are excited to announce a new interview series featuring a line-up of the world’s top players and coaches – “The Mindset of Champions”.  Preview the first part of the series: Dan Carter on his approach to rugby. In this series players and coaches will share with you personal rugby stories and philosophies: stories of how they got involved in this game we love, their major influencers,Read more

Rugby Union – Coaching a wide to wide attack

With defences now ultra-organised & destructive it’s imperative all teams have various attacking shapes to utilise when in possession.

Sports Video Coaching Analysis

How to make great sports video: Storing your video – External Hard Drives

Backing up footage on an External Hard Drive One of the most important and valuable tools for a Videographer to have is an External Hard Drive to back up all of their footage on to. Video files will take up a lot of space on your computer and it makes sense to invest in a decent back up device. I started filming rugby seven years ago and have builtRead more

Rugby Coaching Chris Pennell of Warriors

The Rugby Site – Stats and Awards – By Graham Jenkins

‘There are three kinds of lies,’ we are told, ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’. The often-used phrase is commonly used to cast doubt over the value of certain figures hailed as significant by others. But you will struggle to convince any modern rugby coach that they have no worth. It can be difficult to spot a leading coach in the stands these days for the laptops laid out in front ofRead more

The need for individual analysis coaching within team sports

Individual skill assessment and analysis is often overlooked in team sports. There are numerous reasons behind this; higher athlete to coach ratio, more focus on working as a team, setting up plays, dealing with team chemistry, and the list goes on. But individual analysis should not to be overlooked by team coaching staffs. There are some critical benefits that can come from analyzing individuals on a team and withRead more

Coach Logic will be supporting the West Ham United Academy set up

Coach Logic making its mark in the English Premier League

Coach Logic is delighted to announce they are to support English Premier League club West Ham United. West Ham United, a club renowned for developing its successful youth-team players into world-class athletes, approached Edinburgh-based Coach Logic to help further enhance the training analysis for players, coaches and support staff. Coach Logic is an online video analysis tool that enables players and staff to interact, set goals and targets, review their performances and improveRead more

Stop chucking me stats, and throw me a ball!

Following on from my piece, ‘2 Good, 2 Bad’, about getting started in, and making analysis straightforward and engaging for players and coaches alike, I’ve been thinking a fair bit about what is useful for players. The key for me is that any analysis carried out should have some very simple principles: Engage the players Enhance the learning process Improve performance So what is the best way to doRead more

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