“2 Good, 2 Bad”…How much should we analyse?

I was having a discussion with Mark about how much analysis is necessary, and we thought of a very simple way to get started. For anyone who is familiar with Match of the Day 2, you will be aware of their feature “2 Good, 2 Bad”, and it made us think that maybe this isn’t a bad place to start. There is some excellent work being done by the coachesRead more

Fitness Testing – Dan Ward Smith

Dan Ward-Smith (DWS) is the Academy Manager at the Inside Running Academy, he is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and has started a weekly blog that will look to give advice to aspiring players and coaches. DWS has an extensive list of achievements in rugby both as a player and now as a coach. He played professional rugby for 12 years playing for Bristol and London WaspsRead more

Coach Logic is great, ask Frank Hadden…!

We hope you have been enjoying the content of our blogs up until now. We thought we would take this opportunity to give you a bit of a progress update as we get ever closer to launch as we are now in the final stages of our beta testing and have had some really positive feedback from our users. We promise you what we are developing is worth theRead more

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