Merchiston Castle School, led by DOR Roddy Deans, transforming the School Boy Rugby environment

Merchiston Castle surprised many at the St Joseph’s Rugby Festival recently, down in part to the structures put into place by DOR Roddy Deans.

Which Video Camera should I buy for sports filming?

Back in 2014 I put together a series of Blog posts with some tips on Equipment and Software to get started in Videography and applying those in the world of Sports filming to help get the most out of your video analysis for your chosen sport.

Why involving your players in match analysis is a killer move

The coaching landscape is changing.  With the rise of smartphone adoption, a growing demographic of digitally savvy athletes, easily accessible recording tech and an ever-connected web environment.

Instinct v Logic – which should a coach trust more?

While most sports at the highest level are using data collection and analysis to ever-more sophisticated levels, there remains people within sport who resist…

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