Using Your Head: Can We Keep Players Safe From Concussion?

Sport plays a central role in keeping us fit and healthy, but there’s another side to sport that we must be wary of, particularly in contact sports.

heading the ball in youth soccer

Concussion in Sport – heading the ball in youth soccer

Part 2 of Concussion in Sport. You can read Part 1 here. PART 2 OF: “HEAD THE BALL…THE BALL ISN’T GOING TO HURT YOU” OR “SHAKE IT OFF, YOU’LL BE FINE” Over recent years there have been an increasing level of attention and focused placed upon the sports-related traumatic brain injury, particularly surrounding concussion.[1] Since the overwhelming attention, surrounding “concussion” an increase frequency of occurrences within contact sports areRead more

Improving Your Performance With Supplements?

The question of whether supplements are worthwhile and safe for athletes to use is always a hot topic. The pros and cons, risks and rewards need to be weighed up for each athlete and by each athlete who is considering using supplements. Of course, this is even more crucial for athletes who are competing at a level where they will be tested for banned substances. WHAT IS A SUPPLEMENT?Read more

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

Refuel, Recover, Repeat – How to Maximise Your Recovery Time

If you’ve ever watched a multi-day sporting event and marveled at the athletes’ ability to recover for the next day, you’re not alone.  Whether it’s Wimbledon, the Tour de France, or the World Cup, the ability of the athlete to perform maximally for multiple days is one of the primary determinants of success.  As a coach or medical professional, utilizing certain recovery strategies can help give your athlete(s) anRead more

Prehab and Rehab for ACL Injuries

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the major stabilising ligaments of the knee.  The ligament spans between the inner surfaces of the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone), limiting the forward motion of the tibia in relation to the femur. The ACL is most commonly injured in ball sports and skiing (up to 70-80% of all injuries), where rapid changes of direction, pivoting on aRead more

How I Overcame Arthritis as a Rugby Player

Taken from Raymond Schep’s Book “Eat Right For Life.” For some reason I became interested in playing rugby at the age of 52, after seeing rugby games broadcast on TV in the USA. I had played rugby in school from the age of about 14 to 17 but did not continue when I went to college. I found rugby clubs in Los Angeles and joined one. I was surprisinglyRead more

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

COACHES! Are you doing enough to manage your athletes welfare?

Laboratory Testing for Athlete Health Many university athletic programs, professional teams and sports federations have protocols for monitoring their athletes’ health using various laboratory tests… This generally consists of quarterly or semiannual blood work.  (Some also engage in regular cardiac screening, but that is a separate topic than what will be discussed here.)  The labs which are regularly performed on these athletes are often not actually very sensitive markersRead more

The Rugby Site – Pressure on Coaches – By Graham Jenkins

Fritz mistreatment, who is responsible? *The pressure to deliver and the promise of glory that hovers over the business end of the season more often than not makes for enthralling entertainment. It can inspire players and teams to great heights but conversely the intensity can weigh heavy on others, impeding performance, and the results can be disappointing at the least and at worst alarming.* Experience, especially that of aRead more

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

4 simple ways to monitor athlete wellbeing and avoid overtraining

Monitoring for Overtraining One of the major limiters of athletic performance is accumulated athlete fatigue.  Overtraining Syndrome is something that can present slowly and insidiously, such that athletes and coaches may not realize that it has struck until it’s late in the process.  Of course, this is not ideal, as the further one goes down this road, the longer it takes to return to optimal form. Understanding this physiologicRead more

Ben Cairns – ‘How quickly things in professional sport can change – ‘Getting back on track’

The rest of week four was tough, I was back in my den unable to do much at all except ice and the whole time I felt my knee was getting weaker again, as if all the work I had done to this point was for nothing and I was back to square one. This, of course, was not the case. Although I was going backwards a little inRead more

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