Robustness and Antifragility- A Basic Training Continuum

Anti-fragility (AF) is a term heard frequently in training circles at the moment, especially since ‘Anti-Fragile’ was released. Some have viewed this essentially as a call to promote ‘chaos’ in your training environment.

Get Fitter and Stronger With the Latest Research

Marc Keys never stops looking for ways to improve strength and conditioning in athletes. In this article he shares the research that he’s found most useful this month.

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

Refuel, Recover, Repeat – How to Maximise Your Recovery Time

If you’ve ever watched a multi-day sporting event and marveled at the athletes’ ability to recover for the next day, you’re not alone.  Whether it’s Wimbledon, the Tour de France, or the World Cup, the ability of the athlete to perform maximally for multiple days is one of the primary determinants of success.  As a coach or medical professional, utilizing certain recovery strategies can help give your athlete(s) anRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Are You Scoring a Training Own Goal?

Health and fitness is full of numbers and targets.  By my wedding in 12 months I want to lose 14 lbs in weight, in 4 weeks I want to put 20 kg on my bench press so I can finally press 140 kg and join the 3 wheel club.  Everyone has aspirations that they are striving for but few people know the way to achieve those goals or targets.Read more

Strength and Conditioning

Coaches: Discover the Latest Strength and Conditioning Research

Below is a summary of current strength and conditioning research out there to help improve your players speed, power and agility. Click on the headings to find out more about each piece of research. Too Long Didn’t Read Version (TL;DR) Eccentric strength is important for change of direction. Squat and hip abduction are the best prevention for knee valgus when landing. Low rest between angonist/antagonist supersets makes gains. TotalRead more

Strength and Conditioning

How to Improve a Weak Squat

Everyone has a weak lift, it’s human nature.  It’s not usually possible to be a good build for all of the lifts in the gym, some people are blessed with the ideal leg and torso length or have naturally flexible ankles and can sit into a beautiful full depth squat with little or no work. Others not so much.  In this article I will cover some ways to tackleRead more

woman body shape

Are You a Woman Who Wants to Change Her Body Shape?

* free fitness and weights programme included TL;DR Version of article :- – Calories in vs calories out diet – Train for strength with weights and for fitness with cardio – Work hard and consistently If you’re a woman who wishes to change the way you look through diet and exercise your in for a bad time, I can tell you now the vast majority of what you have beenRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Three common errors on deadlift that can turn a great exercise into back snaps

1. Holding your feet too close Your not Lamar Grant as much as you might want to believe it. Some people try to advocate a close stance on deadlift because you can get better drive from the floor. Ever notice that when you get good drive from the floor lock out is extremely hard? That’s because you’re rounding your low back. You need to create some room to sitRead more

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

COACHES! Are you doing enough to manage your athletes welfare?

Laboratory Testing for Athlete Health Many university athletic programs, professional teams and sports federations have protocols for monitoring their athletes’ health using various laboratory tests… This generally consists of quarterly or semiannual blood work.  (Some also engage in regular cardiac screening, but that is a separate topic than what will be discussed here.)  The labs which are regularly performed on these athletes are often not actually very sensitive markersRead more

Strength and Conditioning

3 Fitness Fads that need to crawl into a hole and die!

Successful lifters/bodybuilder/athletes do the important stuff day in, day out every day. Consistency is the secret sauce. 1. Fat burner supplements. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, if you want  to lose body fat you need to eat less energy and exercise…. This little known ultra secret tip has been kept secret by the illuminati and reptilian over lords so they can fund their worldRead more

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