Four benefits of Video Analysis that aren’t immediately obvious

We’ve provided four examples of benefits that aren’t immediately obvious when evaluating how involved you want to get with the process of Video Analysis.

How Leicester Tigers Academy used Coach Logic during 2020

In 2020, Leicester Tigers won the English U18 Championship. They also won the prestigious Coach Logic Team of the Year award!

Coach Logic Highlights from the year that was 2020

2020 has been challenging for many. Certainly for us as a small company that generally requires organised team sport being played.

Annual Awards 2020

Each year we like to delve into our database and the numbers behind what our awesome members are doing with their platforms.

A High-Quality First Season of Webinars

The first Season of Webinars with Coach Logic users is now complete – here’s a summary.

How Schools are using Coach Logic to Keep Learning

Lots of Schools are using Coach Logic for innovative and exciting uses to keep squads engaged through lockdown.

Coach Logic in the News | March 2020

A summary of featured articles from the past month with organisations seeking to keep individuals connected despite no live sport.

How to Motivate your Players to Engage More

This time last year we pulled off some information from the Currie platform and it was very coach heavy. Since then there’s been a big change with impressive results.

An Interview with James Wade of Oxford University Rugby

We spoke with Oxford’s Head Coach James Wade ahead of the Annual Varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge.

Solving sportsmanship in football – views from the Coach Logic community

Sportsmanship within football has become a hot topic. We touched on the subject ourselves in our blog, which stimulated a number of suggestions.

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