filming and analysing your match footage

Quick Tips to get started filming and analysing your matches

Even if you are working with a small budget for your team it is pretty easy to get started filming and analysing your matches. We’ve come up with three steps that a team at any level could do.

My Filming and Editing process for uploading to Coach Logic

Following on from my last blog in which I talked about some useful accessories for filming sports on a budget I thought I’d go through my filming and editing process for uploading to Coach Logic.

Video Equipment & Editing Advice

My previous Blog post focused on Cameras and where to start if you are looking to set up and film your sports team. Following on from there, I thought I’d touch on some key accessories required for both cameras and computers.

Which Video Camera should I buy for sports filming?

Back in 2014 I put together a series of Blog posts with some tips on Equipment and Software to get started in Videography and applying those in the world of Sports filming to help get the most out of your video analysis for your chosen sport.

HD vs 4K Video

HD vs 4K Video – Is it cost effective and worth upgrading now?

Since the introduction of High Definition, many years ago now, the quest for capturing film and video in even higher resolution has been picking up pace and we are now at the stage where Ultra HD or ‘4K’ is starting to push itself into the market and increase in popularity and availability. It wasn’t long ago that manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sony were introducing 4K Televisions toRead more

Action Cameras – Video and editing advice

Since the rise to prominence of Action Cameras they have allowed us to capture sports in such a unique way and offer many more angles to view just about any activity, from Skiing and Snowboarding to Surfing, Skydiving and so much more. With the market expanding and more Action Cams being released, the prices have dropped considerably over the past few years and more options are available depending onRead more

How to Film Sports in the Winter

The winter weather in the UK can play havoc with filming sports. Preparation is everything.

Sports Coaching Drawing Tools

7 Apps to Make Video Editing Easy

  With the technology available to us nowadays it’s extremely easy to capture video and images. Mobiles and Tablets are playing an increasingly bigger role in sports to help develop player technique in their chosen field. There are many apps available across the various platforms to help record and edit footage into bite size clips which allow you to instantly analyse and make adjustments on player technique, etc. IRead more

Sports Coaching Drawing Tools

Shooting Sports Video – Advice on Camera Set Up & Formats

I’ve been using my current camera (Canon Legria HFS20) for a number of years and it has been a great choice for the type of footage that I need to capture. When deciding on a camera I wanted to pick one with a built in hard drive to make file storage and transfer quicker and easier when importing to my computer. The Legria HFS20 records to the built inRead more

Sports Coaching Drawing Tools

How to make great sports video: File Size v Quality (compression/conversion software)

As the Northern Hemisphere winter sports season is about to get underway, I thought it would be useful to share some tips on how to optimise both video quality and file size. Following on from my post on editing software I wanted to write about another good program that I have found very useful over the years when trying to produce quality sports video.   MPEG Streamclip MPEG StreamclipRead more

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