Sunrise on the top of Kilimanjaro

How to climb up Mt Kilimanjaro and film at the same time

My climb up Mt Kilimanjaro as a camera man. Early last year I was approached by a good friend of mine and asked if I would like to be involved in a Charity Climb to hike to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and to also film the experience as we went up. After a little explanation and info on the charities we would be raising money andRead more

Sports Video Coaching Analysis

How to make great sports video: Storing your video – External Hard Drives

Backing up footage on an External Hard Drive One of the most important and valuable tools for a Videographer to have is an External Hard Drive to back up all of their footage on to. Video files will take up a lot of space on your computer and it makes sense to invest in a decent back up device. I started filming rugby seven years ago and have builtRead more

Coach Logic Video Analysis

How to make great sports video: Editing on a budget

Following on from my first blog – looking at Camcorders and equipment, I’d now like to talk through some of the basics of importing footage into editing software and the basics of editing on a budget.     There are some very good, simple editing programs available to import & clip up footage from your camcorder. I first started playing about with Windows Movie Maker  several years ago –Read more

Sports Video

How to make great sports video: Camcorder & Accessories Basics

With Video becoming such a key factor in developing players from any sport I’d like to share some advice which you will hopefully find helpful – from the basics of purchasing good equipment to filming & editing. I’ve been filming for around 7 years now, mostly doing Rugby and have been fortunate enough to work for many teams and travel to some great places putting together promotional videos asRead more

#CLCommunity – Filming, Converting and Uploading.

David Sloan is the ‘Video Guy’ for my team Currie RFC and he produces great quality video which is always uploaded by Sunday morning and on most occasions by Saturday night. He has roped in the knowledge of his son Gordon and as he confesses in his post below, he is not a professional videographer but enjoys filming and is a huge part of our rugby club because ofRead more

Make money for your club using Coach Logic!

Make money for your club using Coach Logic! Here’s how… One of the teams using Coach Logic has come up with a fantastic way to make money for their club and we want to share it with all our members. Sharing is Caring! When I was notified that the same club had opened up another Coach Logic account I presumed it was for their youth system or second teamRead more

Digital Camcorder Advice – Jonathan Fowke

There is a wide range of Camcorders available today and a lot of good quality options that can be utilised for Sports Teams to record games and use for match analysis by your coaching staff. I’ve been working for several rugby teams for the past six years, starting out with the Army’s Royal Engineers, recording games for the coaches to review on DVD as well as post match highlightsRead more

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