Sports Video Analysis: How To Get Your Team Started

With the advent of modern technology and an increasing thirst for sports coaches to consume ‘data’, the desire for sports team analysis continues to grow. With so many products, apps, software, platforms and price points available, making the right choices for your team’s specific context can be somewhat challenging.

How Powerful Is A 15 Second Video Analysis Clip For Your Sports Team’s Development?

Although I would be the first to admit that a 15 second sports video clip won’t provide the exact ‘magic formula’ for your team success, much gold dust exists for you to transfer into a live practice environment with your players.

How Long Does It Take To Do Video Analysis For A Sports Team?

Even though the adoption of a video analysis workflow in sports has had an incredible rise the past couple of seasons, many coaches still fear it will end up creating more work for them in the long run.

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