A Female Perspective into Athlete Learning – Encouraging Curiosity

We decided to cast the net a little further and ask two high performance female coaches for their opinion on player engagement in the learning process.

Using Your Head: Can We Keep Players Safe From Concussion?

Sport plays a central role in keeping us fit and healthy, but there’s another side to sport that we must be wary of, particularly in contact sports.

How much guidance should coaches be giving to players?

In the second of a series of articles that highlight research carried out by Don Vinson and his team of academics into effective athlete learning, we ask the question: how much guidance and help should players be given in developing the skill of performance analysis?


The Importance of Goal Setting in Learning & Development

At Coach Logic, we’re committed to developing better players through the use of our innovative video analysis system. Since we started more than six years ago, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a system that can help transform coaching.

Learning to Listen to Players’ Opinions

When a coach asks his or her players to watch a video of a match or specific incidents within a match, what exactly is the coach hoping for?

The most successful coaches – is there a secret to success?

Legends in their own disciplines, these giants have bucked the trend and are the benchmark that so many others are measured against. These are the World’s most successful coaches.

filming and analysing your match footage

Quick Tips to get started filming and analysing your matches

Even if you are working with a small budget for your team it is pretty easy to get started filming and analysing your matches. We’ve come up with three steps that a team at any level could do.

Coach Logic’s Commonwealth Games Round-up

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games came to a spectacular close over the weekend and all eyes will now turn to Birmingham 2022.

Challenging Conventions in Coaching

Imagine facing a squad of teenage rugby players and spending 45 minutes talking them through your analysis of their latest rugby match. There will be yawning – guaranteed. Coach Logic is determined to overhaul coach and player development.

The Role of the Coach in Building Team Culture

Richard Davies explores the role of the coach in building team culture and ensuring poor choices simply cannot be made in a team environment.

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