School Yard to World Stage: A Review of the evening

The purpose of the School Yard to World Stage evening was to bring coaches together and give them a learning opportunity exploring the importance of creating the right environment in school, club and pro sport.

Performance Analysis solutions no longer support best coaching practice! (2)

In this post I will look at the use of Questioning within performance analysis as a starting point to a discussion that will help lead to better, player owned solutions.

Performance Analysis solutions no longer support best coaching practice!

It’s late December and I sit in a coffee shop in Cologne, Germany listening to a ‘Best of Ocean Colour Scene’ album via Apple Music on my phone using the cafe’s free WIFI, whilst writing this blog via Google Docs!

future of sports coaching

The Future of Sports Coaching – a word from the experts

A sports match is far more multi-layered than we ever give it credit for. This was the key message delivered by Dr Don Vinson at the Coach Logic Conference at the Loughborough University London Campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Welcome to the CLUB – Coach Logic User Board

Some of the biggest names in UK team sports will gather together to see the shape of sports coaching in the future at the forthcoming Coach Logic Conference to be held at Loughborough University’s London campus. Among the big names that will descend upon the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to attend the conference will be Premiership football teams, International hockey teams plus representatives from World Rugby and the International Hockey Federation.Read more

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