The Rugby Site – Pressure on Coaches – By Graham Jenkins

Fritz mistreatment, who is responsible? *The pressure to deliver and the promise of glory that hovers over the business end of the season more often than not makes for enthralling entertainment. It can inspire players and teams to great heights but conversely the intensity can weigh heavy on others, impeding performance, and the results can be disappointing at the least and at worst alarming.* Experience, especially that of aRead more

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

4 simple ways to monitor athlete wellbeing and avoid overtraining

Monitoring for Overtraining One of the major limiters of athletic performance is accumulated athlete fatigue.  Overtraining Syndrome is something that can present slowly and insidiously, such that athletes and coaches may not realize that it has struck until it’s late in the process.  Of course, this is not ideal, as the further one goes down this road, the longer it takes to return to optimal form. Understanding this physiologicRead more

Basketball Coaching Game awareness or Skill Acquisition

Create the Optimal Coaching Environment – Are problems skill based or due to a lack of game awareness

Skill Level or Game Awareness   Although any experienced coach or skill acquisition academic will see a players skill level and game awareness as intertwined, it is often a coaches fixation on technique that underpins any corrective coaching of kicking. So it is with this question that I challenged the coaching group. If a player executes poorly in a game (or at training), he or she may haveRead more

Manchester Utd coach David Moyes

How Developing Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Coaching. Final Part

Controlling your own emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances Relationship Building. Last year I was speaking to a rowing coach and we were discussing behavioural agility. She told me that a number of years ago, as a junior performer in rowing, she had a very good coach who had a dominant and direct style of coaching and communication. This worked for her and got the best outRead more

The need for individual analysis coaching within team sports

Individual skill assessment and analysis is often overlooked in team sports. There are numerous reasons behind this; higher athlete to coach ratio, more focus on working as a team, setting up plays, dealing with team chemistry, and the list goes on. But individual analysis should not to be overlooked by team coaching staffs. There are some critical benefits that can come from analyzing individuals on a team and withRead more

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How Developing Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Coaching. (Part 3)

Self Management Controlling your own emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances If you reflect back to the article in part 1, Goleman tells us that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is about being smart with your thoughts and emotions. Everyone is emotionally intelligent, it’s just that it is different for each one of us and we have to be aware of our own EI and that of the peopleRead more

Pressures of being an Elite Athlete – By Isobelle Biggin

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2014 and has been re-published due to it’s relevance in light of Jonathan Trott taking indefinite leave from cricket after just 1 competitive match for his county team Warwickshire. In this match he was targeted by England fast bowler Chris Jordan with some short pitched bowling where he was struck on the head twice due to the ferociousness of theRead more

Empowerment Player Centred Coaching

Create the Optimal Coaching Environment – Challenges and Solutions

Skill Development & Your Coaching Environment I get genuinely excited about the opportunities to meet those amateur sports coaches responsible for developing our youth, particularly considering many haven’t ever had access to a specialist kicking coach such as myself. In some ways I see it as a responsibility and a duty of care for professional sports coaches to be active in the education of volunteer coaches, particularly at juniorRead more

Self Awareness Sports Coach

How Developing Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Coaching. (Part 2)

Developing Self-Awareness In the previous blog post I introduced the concept of Behavioural Agility – adapting our coaching behaviours to meet the preferences of the people we coach – and suggested that recognising our own Emotional Intelligence (EI) and that of the performers was vital to improved performance. The starting point for any EI development is self-awareness. Self-awareness allows us to take a step back and examine the way that weRead more

How Developing Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Coaching. (Part 1)

“Do you control your mind or does your mind control you?” That is a normally the starting question I pose to the coaches I work with and it usually opens up some interesting and insightful debates. When developing Emotional Intelligence the key concept is to realise that everything we do involves the experiential triangle of thoughts, emotions and actions. Whatever the situation, we are always thinking, feeling and doing. Try thisRead more

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