Why I Love Coaching Netball

Find out why Lisa Wise loves coaching netball so much.

Bruce Aitchison

Rugby Coaching: Tales of the Unexpected

Who says rugby players just have to play rugby? One coach has some great ideas to benefit his players.


Does Video Analysis Reflect Your Organisation’s Goals?

Using video analysis is all well and good but does it reflect the goals of your organisation?

Get Fitter and Stronger With the Latest Research

Marc Keys never stops looking for ways to improve strength and conditioning in athletes. In this article he shares the research that he’s found most useful this month.


Stats Do Not Develop Players – How to Get the Most Out of Match Analysis

Objective data is everywhere in sport at the moment and it gives a fascinating insight into professional sport. I was recently informed that Thomas Muller ran a total of 52 miles at this year’s Football World Cup! Unbelievable! Companies such as Opta, Prozone and Bloomberg Sports provide professional coaches with Moneyball type statistics to help them make informed and objective decisions. I have no issue with this, sport isRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Are You Scoring a Training Own Goal?

Health and fitness is full of numbers and targets.  By my wedding in 12 months I want to lose 14 lbs in weight, in 4 weeks I want to put 20 kg on my bench press so I can finally press 140 kg and join the 3 wheel club.  Everyone has aspirations that they are striving for but few people know the way to achieve those goals or targets.Read more

Sports Coaching Drawing Tools

7 Apps to Make Video Editing Easy

  With the technology available to us nowadays it’s extremely easy to capture video and images. Mobiles and Tablets are playing an increasingly bigger role in sports to help develop player technique in their chosen field. There are many apps available across the various platforms to help record and edit footage into bite size clips which allow you to instantly analyse and make adjustments on player technique, etc. IRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Coaches: Discover the Latest Strength and Conditioning Research

Below is a summary of current strength and conditioning research out there to help improve your players speed, power and agility. Click on the headings to find out more about each piece of research. Too Long Didn’t Read Version (TL;DR) Eccentric strength is important for change of direction. Squat and hip abduction are the best prevention for knee valgus when landing. Low rest between angonist/antagonist supersets makes gains. TotalRead more

Why Coaching Rugby Has Been The Best Retirement Present

8th June 2013, Kings Park, Durban, Scotland vs Samoa. It was my first cap for Scotland and ultimately my last ever game of rugby. During the match I suffered a spinal haematoma and flared up an existing knee injury, one that would ultimately force me to retire 7 months later. Having to retire from an 8-year professional rugby career was a tough experience. It included appearances for Doncaster Knights,Read more


There’s Just Not Enough Time in the Day!

Arguably, the most valuable resource an athlete has today is time. Something which if managed effectively can allow an athlete to thrive on and off the field of play, yet if overlooked can culminate in increased stress and underperformance. Mastering the skills of time management is not something that just happens and should be treated in the same regard as any other element of an athlete’s performance. In theRead more

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