Strength and Conditioning

How to Improve a Weak Squat

Everyone has a weak lift, it’s human nature.  It’s not usually possible to be a good build for all of the lifts in the gym, some people are blessed with the ideal leg and torso length or have naturally flexible ankles and can sit into a beautiful full depth squat with little or no work. Others not so much.  In this article I will cover some ways to tackleRead more

Sports Coaching Drawing Tools

Shooting Sports Video – Advice on Camera Set Up & Formats

I’ve been using my current camera (Canon Legria HFS20) for a number of years and it has been a great choice for the type of footage that I need to capture. When deciding on a camera I wanted to pick one with a built in hard drive to make file storage and transfer quicker and easier when importing to my computer. The Legria HFS20 records to the built inRead more

Sports Coaching Drawing Tools

How to make great sports video: File Size v Quality (compression/conversion software)

As the Northern Hemisphere winter sports season is about to get underway, I thought it would be useful to share some tips on how to optimise both video quality and file size. Following on from my post on editing software I wanted to write about another good program that I have found very useful over the years when trying to produce quality sports video.   MPEG Streamclip MPEG StreamclipRead more

Transitioning from Player to Coach

After an up and down pro career that took in 8 professional clubs, 4 Six Nations tournaments, promotions, relegations, success and failure, a Rugby World Cup, a spell in France, and a Calcutta cup win,  I am now turning my attention to coaching. I’ve spent countless hours spent in meetings, training sessions and games, with and against some of the best players to have played the game and aRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Three common errors on deadlift that can turn a great exercise into back snaps

1. Holding your feet too close Your not Lamar Grant as much as you might want to believe it. Some people try to advocate a close stance on deadlift because you can get better drive from the floor. Ever notice that when you get good drive from the floor lock out is extremely hard? That’s because you’re rounding your low back. You need to create some room to sitRead more

Sunrise on the top of Kilimanjaro

How to climb up Mt Kilimanjaro and film at the same time

My climb up Mt Kilimanjaro as a camera man. Early last year I was approached by a good friend of mine and asked if I would like to be involved in a Charity Climb to hike to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and to also film the experience as we went up. After a little explanation and info on the charities we would be raising money andRead more

Strength and Conditioning

3 Fitness Fads that need to crawl into a hole and die!

Successful lifters/bodybuilder/athletes do the important stuff day in, day out every day. Consistency is the secret sauce. 1. Fat burner supplements. Allow me to let you in on a little secret, if you want  to lose body fat you need to eat less energy and exercise…. This little known ultra secret tip has been kept secret by the illuminati and reptilian over lords so they can fund their worldRead more

Sports Video Coaching Analysis

How to make great sports video: Storing your video – External Hard Drives

Backing up footage on an External Hard Drive One of the most important and valuable tools for a Videographer to have is an External Hard Drive to back up all of their footage on to. Video files will take up a lot of space on your computer and it makes sense to invest in a decent back up device. I started filming rugby seven years ago and have builtRead more

How to sequence your pre and in season training

Sequencing training for field sport athletes As a strength athlete I have it pretty easy only need to worry about training one physical attribute – maximal force production.  As a games player or endurance athlete there are so many more physical attributes that need to be trained let’s look at a sport as an illustrative example. Sport – Female Rugby   Physical Attributes required. Speed Power Agility Strength CardiovascularRead more

Coaching Core Training to Improve Sport

Abdominal Training: Overblown or Misunderstood? (includes free programme)

Abdominal Training – Overblown or misunderstood? I was listening to an interesting podcast this morning called the physio edge on the show they had LJ Lee talking about a few things but of interest to this article is the topic of abdominal training. The crux of the discussion was the validity of plank and side plank as an abdominal exercise, the consensus being that training the spine like a concrete column (i.e. a structureRead more

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