The Commonwealth Games: Inspiring Global Relations Through Sport

With The Commonwealth Games now in full swing on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast we found ourselves pondering on what the game really means to the sporting world.

What is a Performance Analyst? part 3

Part three focuses on the development pathway for performance analysis and associated academic and vocational learning environments.

Coach Logic become exclusive partners of FIH Academy

This week we became an exclusive FIH Hockey Academy Partner.

What is a Performance Analyst? pt2

SFA Performance Analyst Dr David Stevenson details the roles and responsibilities of a Performance Analyst, both as an individual and as part of a team.

Love Coaching

Love Coaching – “It’s not about Netball it’s about young people”

Scott Searle is a softball coach with a great passion for the game.

Why I Love Coaching Softball

Scott Searle is a softball coach with a great passion for the game.

Why I Love Coaching Netball

Find out why Lisa Wise loves coaching netball so much.

Get Fitter and Stronger With the Latest Research

Marc Keys never stops looking for ways to improve strength and conditioning in athletes. In this article he shares the research that he’s found most useful this month.


Stats Do Not Develop Players – How to Get the Most Out of Match Analysis

Objective data is everywhere in sport at the moment and it gives a fascinating insight into professional sport. I was recently informed that Thomas Muller ran a total of 52 miles at this year’s Football World Cup! Unbelievable! Companies such as Opta, Prozone and Bloomberg Sports provide professional coaches with Moneyball type statistics to help them make informed and objective decisions. I have no issue with this, sport isRead more

Monitoring Coahcing Overtraining

Refuel, Recover, Repeat – How to Maximise Your Recovery Time

If you’ve ever watched a multi-day sporting event and marveled at the athletes’ ability to recover for the next day, you’re not alone.  Whether it’s Wimbledon, the Tour de France, or the World Cup, the ability of the athlete to perform maximally for multiple days is one of the primary determinants of success.  As a coach or medical professional, utilizing certain recovery strategies can help give your athlete(s) anRead more

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