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Are You Scoring a Training Own Goal?

Health and fitness is full of numbers and targets.  By my wedding in 12 months I want to lose 14 lbs in weight, in 4 weeks I want to put 20 kg on my bench press so I can finally press 140 kg and join the 3 wheel club.  Everyone has aspirations that they are striving for but few people know the way to achieve those goals or targets.Read more

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7 Apps to Make Video Editing Easy

  With the technology available to us nowadays it’s extremely easy to capture video and images. Mobiles and Tablets are playing an increasingly bigger role in sports to help develop player technique in their chosen field. There are many apps available across the various platforms to help record and edit footage into bite size clips which allow you to instantly analyse and make adjustments on player technique, etc. IRead more

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Developing Behavioural Agility for Coaching: Part 1

If I was to ask you to describe your behaviours as a coach, what would be your response? If I was then to ask you to describe the behaviours of the performers you work with, again what would your response be? In essence coaching is a very humanistic endeavour and at its’ core is the interaction between human beings. Thankfully we are all different, but in terms of behavioursRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Coaches: Discover the Latest Strength and Conditioning Research

Below is a summary of current strength and conditioning research out there to help improve your players speed, power and agility. Click on the headings to find out more about each piece of research. Too Long Didn’t Read Version (TL;DR) Eccentric strength is important for change of direction. Squat and hip abduction are the best prevention for knee valgus when landing. Low rest between angonist/antagonist supersets makes gains. TotalRead more

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Jens Voigt – This is the Way I Knew I Must Say Goodbye

  German cyclist Jens Voigt recently finished his last Tour de France, causing an outpouring of nice warm fuzzy feelings in the cycling community. Jens finished the Tour de France – that is cycling around France for 3 weeks an astonishing 14 times. His highest placing being 28th in 2007. For those outside the cycling community, it can seem a closed event and the tactics and team formations confusing.Read more

Importance of Motivation

The Rugby Site – The Importance of Motivation

The importance of Motivation Beyond the unparalleled skill levels and sheer athleticism, one of the most impressive things about the All Blacks is the fact that they are 100% mentally tuned in every game.     They always ‘turn up,’ focused and motivated, meaning that those skills can be put to best use. Even in wet weather against Argentina in the Rugby Championship, Steve Hansen’s men were focused onRead more

Strength and Conditioning

How to Improve a Weak Squat

Everyone has a weak lift, it’s human nature.  It’s not usually possible to be a good build for all of the lifts in the gym, some people are blessed with the ideal leg and torso length or have naturally flexible ankles and can sit into a beautiful full depth squat with little or no work. Others not so much.  In this article I will cover some ways to tackleRead more

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Shooting Sports Video – Advice on Camera Set Up & Formats

I’ve been using my current camera (Canon Legria HFS20) for a number of years and it has been a great choice for the type of footage that I need to capture. When deciding on a camera I wanted to pick one with a built in hard drive to make file storage and transfer quicker and easier when importing to my computer. The Legria HFS20 records to the built inRead more

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How to make great sports video: File Size v Quality (compression/conversion software)

As the Northern Hemisphere winter sports season is about to get underway, I thought it would be useful to share some tips on how to optimise both video quality and file size. Following on from my post on editing software I wanted to write about another good program that I have found very useful over the years when trying to produce quality sports video.   MPEG Streamclip MPEG StreamclipRead more

Strength and Conditioning

Three common errors on deadlift that can turn a great exercise into back snaps

1. Holding your feet too close Your not Lamar Grant as much as you might want to believe it. Some people try to advocate a close stance on deadlift because you can get better drive from the floor. Ever notice that when you get good drive from the floor lock out is extremely hard? That’s because you’re rounding your low back. You need to create some room to sitRead more

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