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A Key Source of Information

Connect with other coaches around the world and get greater interaction through better use of video, the uploading of files and simply the sharing of coaching stories.

Hang with the most Creative Minds in Coaching

Bring the best out of each other by providing fun and creative ideas that challenge the recognised norms and make you, and your players, think more than ever.

Example Coaching Sessions

Each community has video exercises and filmed practicals that you can incorporate into your coaching repertoire, all organised into categories for easy and immediate access.

Self Development

Share processes and push the boundaries of self development, tell people your wins and losses, and make sure you enjoy being part of it!

The Magic Academy

A multi-sports Coach Sharing Platform to support coaches with mentoring, coaching leadership and to support development of individuals and teams. The Magic Academy is headed up by Russell Earnshaw (Rusty) and John Fletcher (Fletch) and launched in 2018 to provide sports coaches with mentoring, coaching leadership and ultimately to support the development of individuals and teams. Developing Coach Wizards you may say!

Modern Soccer Coach

Led by Gary Curneen, MSC is a concept specifically designed for all coaches to get access to in-depth work, share new and potentially diverse ideas. Every day there will be new content and discussions around a wide range of topics that aim to go a little further than regular social media content.


The community to assist you in getting the most out of Coach Logic. We share the best tips of how to get the most out of the platform whether it’s a quicker way to create a playlist or just how to change the rights one of your members needs. We also share the best stuff we see from our users here.

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