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Do you actually want to engage your players?

Put simply, we know how important it is for players to be involved in the analysis process. What do players learn if it’s entirely a coach centred process?

We also know that players are going to have a better experience using Coach Logic over fellow Video Analysis competitors.

The result is the launch of the #CudlYourPlayers Price Match.

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The Technical bit

The analysis features on Coach Logic are more comprehensive and do not require any 3rd party software (we do however integrate with all popular analysis softwares).

Clips and playlists can be shared to social channels and all content is downloadable, based on customisable user permissions.

We convert up to 1080HD video as standard and all features can be accessed with any device type and operating system so no need for specific hardware and additional infrastructure costs.

Fully engage with your players in their environment

The permissions on Coach Logic are flexible – a player does not have to be a full admin to contribute to team analysis and discussion.

Players can communicate to individuals and also through groups. We prioritise the discussion around key events, rather than the full game. Users can then dig deeper and access the full match if they wish.

Our communication feed is private to the team and does not contain any other content. On competitors’ platforms, the feed can quickly become distracting with the population of other athlete’s unrelated content.

We support you closely along the process

We have always built strong relationships with our users and have a very supportive team. Many users from various sports would vouch for this.

We provide workshops, both in-person and online, to help teams onboard and to make sure they get immediate engagement on the platform.

Despite being a smaller company, our support is far superior to others. If you have any concerns we usually have questions answered within the hour.

It's time to Cudl your Players

We’re so sure you’re going to have a better experience, we have launched our price match. It’s frustrating for us when users say they prefer Coach Logic but hit a wall when discussing with their committee, who are aware of cheaper versions.

We’ll support you and provide you with best practise examples to make sure your experience is first class. You’re investing in Coach Logic, but you’re also investing in yourself and your squad, as players and people.

Do you actually want to engage your players? It’s time to make the switch and #CudlYourPlayers. 

Our Users back this up...

Leicester Tigers Academy

West Ham Utd Academy

Edinburgh Academy Rugby

University of Birmingham Hockey

George Watsons College

Army Rugby

As Used by:

Terry Westley

Coach Logic allows us to speed up the development programme, as players can take control of their learning.

Through Coach Logic, the player can; understand what they need to do to improve, connect with the coach to help improve, and take responsibility for their own learning.

Head of Academy, West Ham United
Eugene Martin

The best part of Coach Logic is players being allowed to create posts and tags. It gives us coaches an insight to what our players are thinking and analysing with open discussions. It allows us to plot individual player understanding and therefore set appropriate level sessions and problem-solving tasks.

1st XV Coach, Whitgift School
Gary Curneen

I am very excited to be working with Coach Logic again, this time with the Chicago Red Stars players and staff.

I have no doubts that Coach Logic will further enhance our ability to get everyone on the same page and be successful.

Assistant Coach, Chicago Red Stars

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coach Logic work for all sports?

Coach Logic is a flexible platform designed for coaches and players who are committed to getting better, meaning virtually all sports teams will find value in the software.

Does the price increase?

We will match any competitors price for one year. At the time of the offer, we will clearly identify the commitment required to continue this usage in year two and going forward.

Will Coach Logic help players learn?

The players’ feed will be entirely populated by content relevant to them. The only content posted is from groups they are part of e.g. forward or midfielders or when they are mentioned directly by another user.

We have seen competitors feeds being populated with other athletes content and the feed used to ‘peacock’ with the intention of gaining an American Football scholarship, and not for learning purposes. This can be very distracting.

How can you evidence better engagement?

Coach Logic is the only platform that allows discussion to be created around one video clip. We have seen examples of this, but the nearest we have seen is discussion created around full playlist videos.

To really engage your players every little video clip is gold-dust and allows for specific discussion. The double-sided benefit of this is that questions can be used to identify knowledge levels of players, and not just direct instruction.

Can I be charged for historical video content?

We do not have any hidden costs and what’s listed on the website is the highest price you will ever pay for your package. Your video is your video – even if it is historical footage, we will never take this away from you.

If you're a current user of competitor's software

If you are locked into a deal with a competitor, you can contact us and we will allow you to use Coach Logic for that period, free of charge. This is on the basis that an agreement is signed for the year after your current contract comes to an end.

What to do next?

Use the contact us button and send us your current offer with #CudlYourPlayers in the subject line. We’ll confirm the price match the same day. This offer is open until the 31st October 2019.

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