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Supporting Coach Development and Improving Umpiring standards

The FIH Academy renewed their partnership recently given the two-fold benefits Coach Logic is having on the development of hockey.   

Supporting Coach Development and Improving Umpiring standards

The FIH Academy renewed their partnership recently given the two-fold benefits Coach Logic is having on the development of hockey.   

Increasing Umpiring Standards

Over 500+ hours of World Hockey footage is uploaded to Coach Logic which umpires all get access to. Speak to any umpire and they will agree that additional access to video has supported their development. Leading umpires are provided with a mentor and are encouraged to review their umpiring performance after every match.

As a result, decision-making is better, umpires have become more accountable and the players see the process as a fair way of getting the right decision. In addition, the availability of action clips is an invaluable tool in umpire training and ensuring that umpiring standards are as high as the matches they are officiating.

For more information on FIH Umpiring, visit Technology is key tool in umpire development and Keeping an Eye on the Action.

"A vital component for Coach Development"

Coach Logic has played a vital part in the world-renowned FIH Academy coaching workshops. Coach Logic has been used in workshops hosted in Africa, Asia and Europe in the past 18 months.

Access to a wide range of hockey games, including International Games and the Pro League, are uploaded for coaches to discuss as a cohort and look at game-plans used.

Candidates are given remote access to Coach Logic and will typically create discussions pre, during and post event.

Developing Opportunities for Coaches, Umpires and Players across the Hockey world

“The Coach Logic platform has been well adopted by our Officials and continues to be a very useful tool for our educators and Academy course participants.

We are pleased to renew our partnership with Coach Logic and look forward to giving more people access in the coming years”.

Jon Wyatt
Sport and Development Director FIH

Redefining Video Analysis

As FIH’s official Assessment and Video Analysis partner, Coach Logic is pleased to offer coaches affiliated with the FIH Academy free use of Coach Logic for their team until the end of the year.

Coaches will be able to clip, playlist and share with specific groups. The whole team can access the mobile app and get involved in the discussion straight away.

Better Coaches. Better Players.

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Support Your Coaching

Video provides the perfect opportunity for off-field coaching. An ideal time to communicate with players or coaches in a comfortable environment.

Your team benefit from content that’s only relevant to them. Targeted content means high engagement and greater knowledge acquisition.

Time-saving and increased team engagement.

A simple but powerful software

Upload, view, analyse, discuss and share match or training video.

Collate clips for match review or to share as a playlist on social media.

Identify coachable moments to help your team improve.

Collaborative Learning

Every team member has value.

All users have full analyst rights meaning they can complete match review, share video highlights and discuss key moments as a team.

Give your players the voice they deserve.

Coach Logic_holcombeHC
Phil Gooderham

The site is very easy to use, both for uploading and for access of the players. Any help that I have needed has been quickly and efficiently dealt with by the staff, who have been more than willing to make my use as easy as possible, they also talk a language I understand, rather than with some sites where it is all very technical and no use to technophobes like me.

Head of Hockey, The University of Birmingham
Andy Halliday

Coach logic is an excellent tool for any club from grass roots to elite. There is no doubt that this has clearly contributed to increased individual and team performance.

Great Britain Hockey Manager
Kevin Johnson

Coach Logic helps to facilitate learning in time spent away from the pitch where it can be lost development, when you don't see your athletes or players as much as possible.

We find Coach Logic and video especially is a really important way of upskilling and developing players' understanding off pitch.

Head Coach, Hockey Wales

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coach Logic work for all sports?

Coach Logic is a flexible platform designed for coaches and players who are committed to getting better, meaning most sports teams will find value in the software.  If you’re not sure whether Coach Logic would work for your sport, please get in touch.

So is it completely free?

From now until the 31st December, your platform is completely free. You have ten hours of video uploaded included and you’ll still benefit from the full Coach Logic video editor. You can add as many of your team as you wish.

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