Streamline Video Analysis

Upload, analyse, view and discuss limitless match and training videos to build a valuable bank of information on players and your team as a whole. Detailed video analysis helps your players make smarter decisions on the pitch which could make the difference between winning and losing.

Easier Team Management

Manage key aspects of coaching from one place. From detailed sports analysis and feedback to player availability; it͛s powerful coaching software with intuitive layout that’ll make sure your focus is firmly on performance.

Improve Team Communication

Promote a stronger team culture by making it easier for coaches and players to engage with each other about the game and their performance. Through a collaborative coaching environment, Coach Logic can help keep the communication lines open on and off the pitch.

Coach logic is an excellent tool for any club from grass roots to elite. We needed to provide an opportunity for players and staff to regularly view training and matchday footage. There is no doubt that this has clearly contributed to increased individual and team performance.

Andy Halliday

St Albans HC Coach | GB Hockey Manager