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Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform

A new concept specifically designed for all coaches to get access to in-depth work, share new and potentially diverse ideas. Every day there will be new content and discussions around a wide range of topics that aim to go a little further than regular social media content.

There is already over 250 exercises and guest presentations in the database (all organized into tactical categories) for coaches to access right away.

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Why a Community Platform?

In Gary’s own words:

“Over the past ten years, I ‘m not sure many coaches have benefitted more than myself from the world of social media. It has been a key source of information, a phenomenal place to connect with coaches around the world from different levels, and somewhere that I have been inspired from a variety of concepts and ideals within this game and beyond. However, not only do I feel social media today has reached somewhat of a plateau in terms of the quality of information, I have serious doubts if it will really benefit the next generation of coaches in the way it has done for myself and so many.

With the abundance of information coaches have been exposed to throughout the years, we are now in danger of struggling to understand it and failing to apply it alongside our players. It’s easy to skim the surface of content without really having to formulate opinions in how it applies to our own environment. In the interests of time or entertainment, it’s become almost too easy to swap a soundbite for an interview, a headline for an article, or one clip for match analysis. There seems to have been a reduction in in-depth blogs as content has moved towards headlines and soundbites. As criticism in the coaching community increases, personal reflection pieces where coaches are sharing aspects of their journey are sadly on the decline. I feel this has been to the detriment to the reality of the profession. If coaches withdraw from authentic insights on their journey, how will young coaches be aware of the setbacks that are a crucial part of growth and therefore develop the tools required to overcome them?

Without being intentional, I have also felt myself change my behaviors on social media over the past two years. I love creating content and engaging with coaches, but Twitter has become somewhat of a minefield when it comes to interaction. Of course, there will always be differences of opinion when it comes to this game, but healthy discussions seem to have become overshadowed by personal agendas and group think. No, I do not plan on leaving social media, but for quite some time I have been debating what a potential solution could look like, and I have been spending some time working alongside Coach Logic to launch the Modern Soccer Coach Community platform.”

Getting on the Platform

For a monthly payment of $6 coaches can access over 250 exercise and analysis videos immediately. A session database is certainly not the goal though, we want coaches and practitioners to share specific practices and processes that apply to a certain level and culture.

Go deeper into the game and appreciate not only how everything has the ability to change, but also how fast that change has to be. Create a community of coaches that want to go down that road of pushing the boundaries of self development and enjoying every minute of it.

Please take a look at it and I would love you to get involved.

All coaches will get a 14 day free trial and then subscription is $6 per month (price of one or two coffees, depending on your taste).

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A free two week trial allows you to see what we offer and get involved in our community.
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