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Flexible solutions for making video analysis powerful and easy

There are lots of complicated analysis softwares out there.

With Video Room 2.0, you can quickly use the red button to tag clips or set up a tagging panel with all your core events.

You decide how you want to analyse.

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Scroll through match events and bring your analysis to life

You get can lost in One moment in the match without the context.

The new scrub bar is lightning quick and allows you to get to your key moments quickly.

Our timeline allows you to easily scrub through the match video and the thumbnails provide context of the whole match.

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Easily edit the length of your clips

Tagging panels make it quick to analyse but notoriously fixed in structure.

A game isn’t fixed. Each event can vary in length.

Video Room 2.0 allows you to edit clips to the exact moment in length.

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Engage your team in conversations around key moments

Players are sceptical of analysis because they’re left out of the process.

Video Room 2.0 allows you to share clips and playlists to individuals, groups or the whole squad.

Target your analysis to the right people who need to be involved.

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Locate your important match moments quickly

A game can get pretty cluttered.

Video Room 2.0 allows you to add extra tags to each clip and find them quickly.

Anyone and go into the video room and find what they’re looking for. Search for the hero inside yourself.

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Stitch clips together to evaluate common themes

One clip alone doesn’t tell the full story.

Our playlists feature allows for multiple clips to be stitched together to see common themes in the game and across the season.

Use multiple clips to support your support and development.

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Copy the right events from previous matches

Starting your analysis from scratch can be frustrating.

Using Video Room 2.0 you can upload your video and import events that you have used in the past.

This brings trends of performance to the forefront and makes your analysis more pertinent.

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