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We believe we’re the only technology that combines best coaching practise from world leading experts, making individuals central to the analysis process.

Video provides the perfect opportunity for off-field coaching. An ideal time to review and reflect in a comfortable environment.

Increased engagement and greater knowledge acquisition.

Powerful Software for Everyone

Through Coach Logic you can upload, watch, analyse, discuss and share video footage with your team.

You can access Coach Logic from any device. Create playlists on the move to track trends and themes, or share highlights online with your community.

Identify coachable moments to help your team improve.

Collaborative Learning

We value every opinion from the whole team, and we know you do as well.

Coach Logic is the only software that gives all users full analyst rights. They can reflect on their own match highlights, share video with the team and discuss key moments.

Give individuals the voice they deserve.

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Andy Halliday

Coach logic is an excellent tool for any club from grass roots to elite. There is no doubt that this has clearly contributed to increased individual and team performance.

Great Britain Hockey Manager
Terry Westley

Coach Logic allows us to speed up the development programme, as players can take control of their learning.

Through Coach Logic, the player can; understand what they need to do to improve, connect with the coach to help improve, and take responsibility for their own learning.

Head of Academy, West Ham United
Eugene Martin

The best part of Coach Logic is players being allowed to create posts and tags. It gives us coaches an insight to what our players are thinking and analysing with open discussions. It allows us to plot individual player understanding and therefore set appropriate level sessions and problem-solving tasks.

1st XV Coach, Whitgift School

A free platform for members of UK Coaching

No credit card required, your first ten hours of video are included.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coach Logic work for all sports?

Coach Logic is a flexible platform designed for coaches and players who are committed to getting better, meaning most sports teams will find value in the software.  If you’re not sure whether Coach Logic would work for your sport, please get in touch.

Is it completely free?

Your platform is completely free for three months. You can upload ten hours of video footage without any additional cost and you’ll still benefit from the full Coach Logic video room experience. After three months you’ll be asked to subscribe to a team package, but if you decide to upgrade before the three months you’ll benefit from the significant discount on offer.

Will Coach Logic save me time as a coach?

Yes, Coach Logic absolutely saves you time when used as intended. Our collaborative analysis tool enables you to share the load with your players and other club members.

Can Coach Logic be used on iOS, Windows and Android?

Yes, Coach Logic is compatible with all operating systems. The Coach Logic mobile app is free to download from Apple and Play Stores and the Coach Logic desktop app can be accessed on either iOS or Windows using most browsers.

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