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Coach Logic is a collaborative video analysis and communication platform.
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Better Coaches. Better Players.

At Coach Logic we believe that analysis is only the start. Our coaching software improves the use of video in performance analysis and brings teams closer together by putting learning and engagement at the forefront.

Everyone is an Analyst on the platform.

Connect with your players in an environment that brings out the best in them.

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Save Time

Completing match analysis collaboratively means time saved for coaches and players.

Bring Your Team Closer

Coach Logic brings teams closer together and improves the use of video in player development.

Collaborate and Learn

Share and discuss video moments with individuals and groups, ensuring collaboration and engagement.

Learn Anywhere

Upload videos on the move and learn anywhere, anytime with cloud based phone and web apps.

Engage Players & Save Time

Coaches add value by using their knowledge, experience and coaching skills to help players improve performance. Don’t waste time reviewing footage without input from players.

Traditionally players rely on ‘memories’ of the game to improve. By allowing them to collaboratively identify coachable moments, Coach Logic saves time and gives players a much clearer understanding of performance.

Time Saved + Player Engagement = Great ROI

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Sign up for a Coach Logic account. It's quick and easy to add users and analysts.


Upload Footage

You can upload video in any format, directly into the platform via smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Get better!

Start tagging and applying filters to extract insight, helping your team to develop faster.

Upload videos

It's quick and easy to get your footage onto Coach Logic, in any video format. It's then available on the cloud, allowing your players to access it at a time convenient to them.

Encourage discussion

Get valuable insight into what your players know by discussing key match moments. Coach Logic allows you to drive collaboration, with direct or group-wide messaging.

Offline analysis integration

If you're currently using desktop software for match analysis, Coach Logic allows you to share insights with the playing and coaching group easily by syncing the timeline to match footage.

Match review

Video is a very powerful coaching asset. By engaging players in the process of match review they will improve their understanding of their own and their teams' skill-sets.

Cloud based

Nothing gets lost. Cloud storage allows you and your players to access footage - any time, any place, any device.

Filters and playlists

Video tagging, filters and playlists allows you to highlight objectives for the team and individual development, breaking up the game into the key moments for easy navigation.

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