Coach Logic brings teams closer together and
improves the use of video in player development

Share and discuss video moments with individuals and groups

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Engage your players for a cohesive team environment

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Complete match review with your players

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Our belief is that analysis is only the start, we are the
only product on the market that puts learning at the forefront

HongKong rugby

The biggest impact Coach Logic has had on our team is enabling the pupils to work hard in their own time and take more responsibility for their personal development.
The accessibility of Coach Logic is fantastic.


Ally Donaldson | Director Of Rugby

George Watson’s College

Coach Logic allows us to speed up the development programme, as players can take control of their learning.


Terry Westley | Head of Academy

West Ham Utd.

Coach logic is an excellent tool for any club from grass roots to elite. There is no doubt that this has clearly contributed to increased individual and team performance.


Andy Halliday | GB Hockey Manager

St Albans HC Coach