October 11, 2021

An example of effective Opposition Analysis

Written by:
Kenneth Rae

Mark presented at the EHF's Coaching Conference last week on making Video Analysis more effective.

Part of the presentation focused on Opposition Analysis.

Here is a nice example of Opposition Analysis in action from the match between Currie Chieftains and Edinburgh Accies played on the 2nd October 2021.

This slide below details the structure of analysis throughout the week. From Thursday, the focus switches to Opposition Analysis.

The next step is accessing Opposition footage. If it is tagged then great, if not a good solution might be to task small groups to do segments of the footage. Next, create a playlist of the category clips e.g. lineouts.

Next step is providing context on why the team should be looking at this area.

Next up is tasking the players to lead the discussion, problem-solving themselves as they are the ones in each lineout on match day. The coach supports the discussion where appropriate.

So, after this, what happens on match day?

There were actually more stolen lineouts but this was a selection.

In summary:

  • Players take responsibility and learn about the game
  • Team performs well
  • Team wins
  • Happy Coaching Staff (and players, fans, friends!)

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