May 22, 2024

Choosing the right Video Analysis Software for Youth Sport: Part 1

Written by:
Andy Muir

Video is a part of life, and young people are used to being captured on film for many different reasons, and will also turn to video to connect, learn, and be entertained.

So, with video being so inherent to life, that makes their sports video experience a priority.

We’re focussed here on what happens once the video is on the platform as opposed to the capture process in this series of articles, and there are 3 areas I’d like to explore are:

· Engage

· Discover

· Learn


When video on Coach Logic is broken down into bitesize chunks, otherwise known as analysis, we see that player engagement, in terms of time viewed, increases by 500%.  

We’re not talking a deep analysis here, but even 100 events can do the job. When you consider that a Premier League football match averages 900 passes per game, that number can be arrived at quickly, whatever your sport.

How does this help to engage the players you work with?

Consider how video is consumed on the various social media apps for a moment. It’s all short form curated content, so taking this approach to engaging your players is certainly the way forward.

Gen Z will watch more than 70 videos a day, so it’s clearly not long form content that grabs attention.

Personalising that content is a great nextstep.  

Our foundations at Coach Logic are in coaching.  As a result, when using the platform, we have tried to recreate how you would communicate with your team on-field. Typically, this will be a mix of whole group, small group such as positions, and individual communication.

It’s not very helpful to continually have feedback provided to a whole group when it really is only meant for 1 or 2 people. Everyone just ends up wondering if it’s targeted at them or not.

So, next time you’ve created some content think hard about why you’ve created it and who it’s really for and then tag them in a clip with some feedback or a question. That way they will get a very personal experience and increase the likelihood of engaging to individually and collectively get the benefit of your effort.

Coach Logic feed allows for conversation and personal experience

Adding drawings that bring playlists to life is also a great way to engage and ensure messages land. Or ask your players to show you what they saw by creating a collaborative playlist that they can add to.

Ever heard the phrase “show me beats tell me”, when asking for feedback during coaching sessions?

What’s exciting for us is that using Coach Logic is that this process doesn’t need to fall to one person. The players have just as much opportunity to do the analysis, build highlights reels and start conversations.

Whilst it might be a corny phrase, thinking about creating students of the game can be useful to accelerate learning and understanding.  After all, you wouldn’t do their maths homework for them!

People are motivated by having choice, a feeling of progress, and a sense of belonging. Engaging your players in video analysis in the ways described will tick these boxes.

If you’d like to find out more about how Coach Logic can motivate your squad to develop individually and collectively, please get in touch.

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