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We have been re-reading an article about Saracens Rugby Club in the Guardian about the benefits of players having easy access to match footage.

Saracens recently created an and iPad 'App', which allows the players to view all video footage taken, whenever they want and wherever they are. Coach Logic has exactly these capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Here's what the Saracens chief executive had to say about their 'App':

'The amount of footage watched by our players last month compared with the previous month increased by something ridiculous like 2,500%'.

Their high performance director said this of the innovation:

'The new Saracens App transforms the coaching environment, and enables players and coaches to review past match footage, training sessions, team talks, personal development sessions and the evolving schedule at the press of a button… any place, any time. As a result, we believe we will become a better informed, better coached and better connected organisation'.

For those of you who have read our blogs, you may remember former Scotland Coach Frank Hadden saying some very similar things about Coach Logic capabilities.

We want coaches, players and teams of all levels to be able to fully maximise their potential, and at the same time realising that you don't have the resources to employ a digital company to create your own 'App', so we have done that for you.

So if you want to have all these capabilities and start improving your team, for the price of 2 pairs of trainers, then sign up now and take a no obligation free trial.

If you want to re-read the article in full then the link has been included below.

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