September 9, 2021

Could you coach your team remotely for a month...

Written by:
Andy Muir

...and what would you learn if you did?

Mark has spent a month in Cologne, Germany, where his wife’s family are based, and alongside being Coach Logic Co-Founder, he is Head Coach of Currie Chieftains.

We thought it would be interesting to document how it works out spending the last 4 weeks of pre-season, and first of the regular season, only being able to support the team remotely.

And so, “Cairnsy’s Coaching Cologne: Smells Like Currie” was born. For those that appreciate the play on words, thank you. For those that don’t, let’s all move on together!

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Check out the first video here

During the series Mark is going to share how he uses various platforms to engage his squad.

Mark is a big believer in providing players with opportunities to take ownership of their own development, and promoting behaviours that make the squad feel, and get, comfortable with this. He wants to make himself redundant(ish)

During the series shares how he front loaded pre-season to prepare for this, but also to accelerate learning and hit the ground running.

The primary source of communication and video analysis will be done through Coach Logic, but Mark will also identify the various other platforms he uses to engage his squad.

We will see if he makes himself redundant enough to improve his coaching and the players accelerate their development, without actually making himself redundant!

Coach Logic is the perfect platform for Mark, and those who generally have limited time with their squads. It is a truly collaborative video analysis platform as it provides the players with as many opportunities to start and contribute to team and individual conversations

Every squad member, in every squad, should get hands with video analysis to support progress and development.

If you’d like to find out more about the power of Coach Logic, you can check it out here.

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