September 10, 2021

Do you spend more time processing video or engaging your squad

Written by:
Mark Cairns

Would you like to spend more time engaging your squad, and less time on the video analysis process? I got into coaching to coach and creating Coach Logic was another way to do this with video.

Too many platforms are time heavy and promote a top-down approach to video analysis.

We’ve found collaborative video analysis the best way to get the squad engaged.  At Currie Chieftains, we share the leg work by asking players to take a 5-minute segment each.

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This is a huge time saver for the coaches, and a great way to enhance game understanding of the players. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it provides an easy way for the players to become ‘students of the game’.

Once the basic information is collected, we then ask the players to revisit key moments, create a clip and send them to the rest of the squad, and coaches, to start a conversation.

The players love this as they can make a clear connection between the small amount of effort they’re putting in and the massive upside it can have on the team improving and their own development.

It’s a good place to be!

Coach Logic is also set up in such a way that it is a very social experience for the players, which brings familiarity based on the types of platforms they are used to engaging with on a daily basis.

We’re also using the playlists on Coach Logic a lot more these days.  The squad will identify highlights, superpowers and gamechangers on an individual basis, and will also contribute to team playlists.

As a coach, I will narrow these down to make sure there is a focussed and consistent message as we get closer to our next match.

Aside from all the time saving and match preparation benefits, it also provides me with real insight into where the players are in relation to their own understanding.

A win-win as a coach, husband, dad and business owner!



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