September 21, 2021

Does sport give you a sense of belonging?

Written by:
Andy Muir

Why we changed from 'Users' to 'Members'.

We recently made the decision to refer to players and coaches on the platform as ‘Members’ of Coach Logic instead of ‘Users’.

It may seem like a small change, but it’s important. Here's why...

Have you seen ‘The Social Dilemma’? It's well worth checking out, especially for parents, and if you have seen it, you may remember this quote…

“There are only two industries that call their customers “users”: illegal drugs and software.”

Let that sink in for a second, and then consider another quote that is used in connection to the world of fast-growing software companies…

“If you don’t pay for the product, then you are the product”.

At this time, we also referred to ‘Users’ of Coach Logic, so you can now easily see why it didn’t sit comfortably with us.

We’re not trying to hide away from the fact that Coach Logic is a software, but I would hope that you wouldn’t put our vision and values alongside the challenges faced with the social media platforms out there.

Like my coaching sessions, sport is messy. It is not a world where you can take 100 photos and share the best one to project an image of the perfect world.

Imagine asking the opposition to wait whilst you try to run the perfect play to score.

Sport is real life; it’s about learning, reacting, striving, connecting, and enjoying the moment. The rose-tinted glasses can come later; I can confidently say that the longer it is since I played, the better I get!

Ultimately, our connection to sport meant that the word ‘users’ didn’t capture all the amazing people using Coach Logic.

The change also needed to make sense.  

Read the definitions below and compare each by putting them after; team; squad; club; or community.

  • Member: a person belonging to a group
  • User: a person who uses or operates something

Hopefully you can now see why the change had to happen.

For Mark and me, when we really thought about you all, the word ‘Member’ is far more appropriate.

Coach Logic is supporting teams, squads, clubs, and communities around the world, and as part of any of these groups it’s important to feel a sense of belonging.

We would love it if you felt the same way about Coach Logic.

If you’re interested to find out more about all that Coach Logic has to offer, please get in touch.

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