Great Athletes and teams have a Great Energy


Watch a winning team or athlete and you will see a remarkable quality they all have instantly – they have a great energy and aura about them. Small cues like the bounce in their step, their posture and the way they interact and communicate with their friends, coaches or teammates.

Your body language is probably the biggest factor to sending out a great energy. It sends a powerful message to those around you, especially your opponents.

I’ve always found that a great sport to watch is volleyball, especially at world championships or Olympic level. Next time you get a chance to watch a game, go and observe how vital a great energy and vibe to a team is. Take note of how each player encourages each other after a mistake or lost point. These players understand the importance of not being selfish. They understand that the ‘we’ is more important than the ‘me’.

World-class athletes and teams understand the importance of keeping a great energy and body language going, regardless of the score or situation.

The opposite is true of a losing team or athlete. Their walk is slow, their feet are heavy, their postures are slumped forwards. They simply look defeated and little do they realize they are just giving power and energy to their opponent/s.

I always tell my athletes that if I was to turn on the TV or just pitch up to their match half way though, I shouldn’t be able to tell the score by looking at their body language.

Remember to bring a great energy where-ever you go. The best athletes have teams have this.


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