September 23, 2021

How often do you turn the camera around?

Written by:
Andy Muir

5 reasons to film your coaching practise, and why it can be such a positive investment…


1.    Enhanced player experience

2.    Improve co-coaching

3.    Stimulated recall

4.    Get a job

5.    Increased player retention


Filming your own coaching practise is a great way to develop, in fact, French Rugby place credit to their recent improvements on ‘turning the cameras round’.

As is the norm, they had hours upon hours of footage of the players performing, but a very small amount of the coaches performing.

What do you think you would see if you turned the camera around?

Player and coach development should go hand in hand, so here’s 5 reasons to do some video analysis on coaching and playing performance…


1. Enhanced Player Experience

There is so much to learn in watching yourself, and co-coaches in action.

You will develop your sessions, interactions, and communication, which will enhance the player experience.

Players will also see you working to be better, which will likely inspire them to do the same.

Supercharge it by…

Getting the players involved in your reflective practise.


2. Improve Co-coaching

Video is great for picking up small shifts in body language of players, but also coaches.

Have you ever looked at yourself when your co-coaches are delivering a message or feedback?

Are you always being supportive, could your coach-coach communication be improved?

Supercharge it by…

Asking an experienced coach from a different environment to watch your coaching videos.


3. Stimulated Recall

We only remember 20-30% of our sessions and games but can recall much more when stimulated by video. How much are we missing by relying on our memory with no prompt?

Was the challenge set at the right level, too much, or are the squad saying “Completed it, mate" after a couple of minutes?

Supercharge it by…

Asking your squad what they thought the purpose of a particular practise was.


4. Get a Job

Filming your coaching practise will not only make you abetter coach, but it provides a real time view on how you coach and your development.

Any current, or future, employer would love to see commitment to improving your craft and how you fit into their vision and culture.

Supercharge it by…

Building a playlist of your coaching vision and values in action, improving delivery, and player interactions.


5. Increased Player Retention

There are so many competing factors for players to stick with sport these days.

As a coach, offering the players a continually improving experience will keep them coming back.

Investing in your own development is something you can control and will directly impact player retention.

What do you think, would you add any?

We know it’s typical for coaches to film themselves as part of a coaching qualification, which generally returns a lot of value and accelerates development.

This is exactly what happens for those using Coach Logic through our partnership with England Rugby, but how many continue this process once the course is complete?

If you’re interested to find out how Coach Logic can support your player and coach development needs, please get in touch.

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