December 30, 2016

Magic Seven: Most read blogs of 2016

Written by:
Mark Cairns

As the remarkable sporting year of 2016 draws to a close, we've tallied up the most read blogs from our page. (You can read 2015's list here).

Thank you to all who have shared their expertise and thoughts from the coaching world again this year. For another year we haven't gated any content and have therefore managed to release such regular and stimulating pieces.

This year we've decided to list the top seven in order so let's get started; seven to one...

7. Rugby playing styles that suit us or suit the professionals? (Dan Ritchie)

Should your team find a style that suits your playing group because of their strengths and weaknesses or adapt a style successfully used by another team?

Read it here.

6. What is a Performance Analyst? (David Stevenson)

SFA Performance Analyst Dr David Stevenson details the roles and responsibilities of a Performance Analyst, both as an individual and as part of a team. Part 2.

Read it here.

5.  Danny Kerry – an interview with the Gold Medal winning Coach

An interview with Danny Kerry on his Rio experiences, explaining why fellow sporting coaches have been so interested in meeting him.

Read it here.

4.  Are We Really Coaching Decision Making? (Gary Curneen)

How do your players best learn about decision making? What type of practises allow them to develop their decision making ability?

Read it here.

3.  The Obstacles Rhona Lloyd Overcame Gaining International Honours (Bruce Aitchison)

A Guest blog from Bruce Aitchison who's seen the development of Rhona Lloyd through secondary school right up to her recent first Scotland cap.

Read it here.

2. Is your Feedback process False and Failing? (Allistair McCaw)

For all Coaches getting the feedback process right is crucial. A Guest Blog by Allistair McCaw on the importance of feedback.

Read it here.

1.  Rugby Union – Coaching a wide to wide attack (Matt Bebbington)

With defences now ultra-organised & destructive it's imperative all teams have various attacking shapes to utilise when in possession.

Read it here.

Thanks once again to all contributors and congratulations to Matt.

More blogs will of course be coming soon!

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