December 1, 2021

Player first analysis is an expectation, and it's easy to do…

Written by:
Andy Muir

There was a story recently told to us about a family, with teenage boys, travelling together by car.

I’m sure you can picture the scene…adults in the front, kids in the back, and there may be a device or two kicking about.

There was a brief conversation that then went as follows (names have been made up to protect identities)…

Mum (not a made-up name): Get off your phone John!
John: But Mum, I’m getting a clip on Coach Logic of a line break I made the other day to show Dad…

We won’t dig into the assumptions that adults may make around young people only doing useless stuff on their phones just now.

However, when it comes to Gen Z if there is a platform they can connect with others on, and there is video involved, they will be all over it.

This is what makes Player First analysis so easy to get started. Share some video, allow them to say what they see and connect with others, and you’re on your way.

What makes the above interaction more interesting is that the coach of this player took a while to sign up to Coach Logic as they weren’t sure the players would get involved.

For context here is the platform engagement of the same squad in just 2 months on Coach Logic…

For additional insight on the level of engagement, there was only 23 hours of footage made available to the squad in this period.

If you’re a coach wondering if your squad will engage with video, please remove any assumptions about sports video analysis being a complex and timely process.

We would also encourage you to think about the digital experience you are offering the players you work with, and the digital experience they are having in every other walk of life.

Whether you like it or not, sport is competing for the attention of the players and coaches off-field and as well as on-field, and Coach Logic is a big part of the solution.

It will give your squad a sense of belonging and connection to their sport that can easily be interrupted when not in the live environment.

To find out more about how Coach Logic can enhance the digital experience of the coaches and players in your club or school, please get in touch here

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