March 9, 2024

Players. Players. Players

Written by:
Andy Muir
Coach Logic has allowed me to understand how to truly empower players to learn themselves, rather than me feeding them everything I see in my lens. 

Having recently run a survey of coaches using Coach Logic, we were delighted to see that the most prominent responses for using our sports video analysis software were ultimately around player engagement.

As former teachers and current coaches, we believe that video is a hugely powerful asset that is supercharged when players are given the opportunity to fully engage with it.

Players leading the video analysis process has a hugely positive benefit on their learning and development. An added bonus means coaches now have more time to coach through video as the players are bringing their view.

The match analysis process can be completed in 10 minutes or less, so coaches can quickly move on to supporting the growth of the team and individuals within it.

Letting the players identify important moments also removes the guesswork for coaches, and is a great way to remove the danger of looking for your own biases when watching the match back.

The players will have a different view to the coach. If you are a coach open to discovering this view, you're onto a winner.

We also can't hide that there are many competing factors to getting players turn up to your club and school multiple times a week. For us, this is about much more than video analysis, this is player engagement.

Coach Logic puts the player at the heart of this process and allows them to engage in their own development through the means that works best for them.

If you'd like to find out more about Coach Logic, you can get in touch here. Alternatively, you can sign up for a trial and have a go yourself.


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