April 25, 2018

Quick Tips to get started filming and analysing your matches

Written by:
Maz Nathoo

Even if you are working with a small budget for your team it is pretty easy to get started filming and analysing your matches. We’ve come up with three steps that a team at any level could do:

1) Buy a Camera

2) Find a good place to film

3) Upload and analyse your match

1. Buy a Camera (and the other essentials)

Video cameras are more affordable and accessible than ever before and enable you to video games and training.

When allocating budget for a new camera, bear in mind you will need to factor in the following into the budget on top of the camera; tripod, spare battery and a memory card(s).

Our trusted videographer Jonathan Fowke suggests some video cameras and accessories to get you started. He shoots straight onto SD cards, using typically a 32gb or 64gb memory card usually and a top tip is always buy spare batteries for your camera.

2. Find a good place to film

A trusty Tripod will keep the camera steady, but you want to make sure your surface is flat and clear of obstructions. A filming point somewhat above pitch level, or a Vantage Point, is desirable. Vantage Points can be found in the stands or at the side on a mound overlooking the pitch, but they can also be created artificially (using scaffolding for example). Don’t worry however, any elevated point can make a positive impact but is not essential. We can also recommend Film-my-Match if you want to outsource filming.

Just as important is filming from the centre of pitch (or behind the goals, if that is the angle you want to analyse from) and capturing as much of the pitch as possible for context.

Jonathan recommends filming in Full HD 1080p at a rate of 60 frames per second to get as much detail from the game. The higher rate is useful for slowing down the footage. This is not essential however if you’re just starting. Have a little play around and try filming in 720p to save on memory if you're just getting started with video analysis.

3. Upload and analyse your match

Now you have your video the next step is setting up your analysis. There are a range of platforms out there to upload to and you want to make sure you use the right one to suit your needs.

Here at Coach Logic we find when the players are involved in the discussions and analysis this really adds value and improves development. One of our co-founders, Mark, was inspired to ask the right questions and supplement the video uploaded.

That’s it! You can now review match footage and start getting the players to learn by reflecting on their performance. The process is truly as simple or as hard as you want to make it. Fortunately, a simple process can allow for just as insightful team analysis as a more complicated process if the expected end outcome is known.

We are always happy to help and answer any questions if we can.

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