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Mark Cairns

Hi guys,

I recently came across a new website called Teachers Who Coach and I was really impressed by the amount of free content available. I really value the importance of sharing information to help improve coaching standards and it certainly does that.

Teachers Who Coach have a dedicated and experienced editorial team who track all the developments in sport across the UK. The website was only launched a few months ago but already there is lots of content to get stuck into. Topics covered include; training tips, nutritional advice, technology and equipment reviews plus the latest jobs in teaching and sport. As they scan a huge amount of online resources you can expect expert advice from the top professionals and governing bodies.

They also offer a free weekly newsletter that I have subscribed to, this helps you stay up to date with all the latest news. I have found it useful for my teaching, playing and coaching and like I said it is a free site and not at all intrusive so why not have a look and make your own mind up?

I hope you enjoy teacherswhocoach.co.uk and find their information useful. As always let me know your thoughts below and whether or not you would like more posts that review online resources?





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