February 2, 2024

Technical and tactical gains from player engagement

Written by:
Andy Muir
Coach Logic has proven very helpful in staying connected with the team and discussing tactical plays between training sessions and matches.

Leinster Hockey started using Coach Logic to great effect this season for their Age Group programmes. Thanks to Anna Richardson, Development Programme Manager, for providing an insight into how valuable an addition the platform has been to support their online video analysis process and engage the squads.

As with many squads, the face to face time between coaches and players is limited. The age group programme with Leinster Hockey is no different, and this was further highlighted with a change to the competition structure.

Being able to share clips and have a discussion with the players has been very helpful, given we are not seeing them in person all that much.

The engagement with players has been invaluable from a tactical perspective, but it has also added a great deal to the technical development of individual players.

Alongside sending clips to the team and positional groups, the flexibility the Coach Logic affords has made it easy to send clips to individual players to work on specific areas they feel they can improve.

The player has been able to take the feedback on board, work on it in her school/club sessions and has come back to the Leinster squad much more proficient and comfortable with the skill

It so often goes for teams and organisations using Coach Logic, for coach and player development, that there is a time constraint. The platforms flexibility is a great option in accelerate player engagement and development.

If you'd like to find out more about Coach Logic's sports video analysis software and how it can support individual and collective development, please get in touch or get started with a free-trial.


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