Fettes School

Fettes College enhance acclaimed Sporting Programme through collaboration with Coach Logic

With a school building and grounds to rival any other school in the world, Fettes College immediately has pressure to provide an education and student experience to match.

The school therefore prides itself on offering a well-rounded experience, different to many of their counterparts in Edinburgh and Scotland. One example being their belief that students should focus on one sport for the maximum duration of one school term. While their fellow schools have almost year-round programmes in Rugby and Hockey, Fettes ask their pupils to take part in three sports across the academic year.

With time therefore crucial to make the most of, Fettes pupils utilise Coach Logic for all their main sports and indeed their PE programme. With the majority of sporting games filmed, sometimes by pupils and sometimes with their 60ft video camera, the footage is immediately uploaded to Coach Logic. With the nature of Boarding Schools meaning staff and pupils have their time dragged in many different directions, staff often task their pupils with drawing out important moments from the match to discuss.

Alongside supporting Fettes through providing numerous platforms, we regularly visit and have indeed provided them with workshops. It was interesting to see how the different sports use video footage and the resultant conversations that take place.

We value the partnership with Fettes College and look forward to seeing their progress over the next academic year.

I am excited and pleased at how the relationship with Coach Logic has progressed over the past couple of years. I am tireless in my attempt to accelerate learning through visual feedback and guidance and this is made all the more easier and powerful through the pupils having access to Coach Logic.

Mr J. Pillinger
Fettes College