Leicester Tigers Academy

Coach Logic support Brooksby Melton College and Leicester Tigers offer the perfect environment for talented, ambitious rugby players to gain an exceptional education alongside a full time training programme.

The Leicester Tigers Academic and Sporting Excellence programme is designed to help BMC embed professional habits into young players.

Students on the Leicester Tigers Academic and Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme at BMC have the opportunity to compete at the highest level of college rugby, playing in the nationally recognised AASE league, whilst completing BTEC studies.

Coach Logic will help to instil effective development practices within the academy.

The College has worked tirelessly to develop an all-round package designed to transition young players to the next level of performance, whilst ensuring they achieve academic and sporting excellence.

Performance Analysis is one of the key professional offerings of the academy, where players have access to “the Coach Logic online platform to allow you to improve all areas of your game”.

“Coach logic will allow us to embed professional habits into these players. Helping to create a culture built around constant development and learning. The online platform and app have allowed us to make the video so simply accessible to all the players and staff on the programme. This allows coaches and players to engage in reflective discussion and problem solving around key moments. I have no doubts that Coach Logic will be a key element in developing our players and coaches to transition on to their next level of performance."

Tom Harrison
Academy and 1st Team Coach
Leicester Tigers