The Magic Academy & Coach Logic

A new multi-sports Coach Sharing Platform to support coaches with mentoring, coaching leadership and to support development of individuals and teams.

The Magic Academy

The Magic Academy is headed up by Russell Earnshaw (Rusty) and John Fletcher (Fletch) and launched earlier this year to provide sports coaches with mentoring, coaching leadership and ultimately to support the development of individuals and teams. Developing Coach Wizards you may say!

Along with some great coaches from both sport and business, The Magic Academy intend to write a new narrative for supporting people who coach and are coached.

The Magic Academy have presented to various organisations this year, across multiple sports and been described as the most influential coach influencer outside of Sports’ Governing Bodies.

The Coach Sharing Platform

There’s a shared belief between The Magic Academy and us at Coach Logic that coaches should be supported to provide their players with an inspiring learning environment.

The Magic Academy changed it’s Coach Sharing Platform across to Coach Logic to allow for greater interaction, better uploading of files and ultimately a more streamlined approach.

Getting on the Platform

Ian Peel

John Fletcher’s X factor is his ability to bring the best out of others and having fun whilst doing so. The Magic Academy platform will be exciting, full of creative ideas and my go-to for thinking about where my coaching is going.

Kirk Vallis

Through his work with the Magic Academy, Russell has helped me to explore the full potential of leaders, teams and individuals at Google and beyond. The Coach Sharing platform will be really interesting and I look forward to joining in with the discussions and grabbing new ideas.

Head of Creative Capability Development, Google

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