Mark Cairns

Co-founder & CPO at Coach Logic

Passionate about Coach and Player development, Mark believes this should be central to any sporting organisations’ objectives. Mark believes Performance Analysis is going down the route of BIG DATA, with stats being used as objective reasoning for transfers, team selections and tactics rather than to aid understanding and improvement.

Mark believes the most powerful part of Analysis, especially video analysis, is the discussions and self-reflection that takes place post analysis and not the stats on their own.

This is the reasons why Coach Logic was formed!

An accomplished and confident speaker.

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How easy is it to use Coach Logic?

Time is precious for everyone!

That being said, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of not reviewing your team’s performance with video, because of said time pressures.

Our users say that Coach Logic is user friendly and saves time getting their whole team involved.

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Video provides the perfect opportunity for off-field coaching. An ideal time to communicate with players or coaches in a comfortable environment.

Your team benefit from content that’s only relevant to them. Targeted content means high engagement and greater knowledge acquisition.

Time-saving and increased team engagement.

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