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Flexible solutions for making video analysis powerful and easy

There are lots of complicated analysis softwares out there.

With our new Video Player, you can quickly use the red button to create clips or set up a tagging panel with all your core events.

You decide how you want to analyse.

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Scroll through match events and bring your analysis to life

You get can lost in One moment in the match without the context.

The new scrub bar is lightning quick and allows you to get to your key moments quickly.

Our timeline allows you to easily scrub through the match video and the thumbnails provide context of the whole match.

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Easily edit the length of your clips

Tagging panels make it quick to analyse but notoriously fixed in structure.

A game isn’t fixed. Each event can vary in length.

The new Video Player allows you to edit clips to the exact moment in length.

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Engage your team in conversations around key moments

Players are sceptical of analysis because they’re left out of the process.

The Video Player allows you to share clips and playlists to individuals, groups or the whole squad.

Target your analysis to the right people who need to be involved.


Locate your important match moments quickly

A game can get pretty cluttered.

The new Video Player allows you to add extra tags to each clip and find them quickly.

Anyone and go into the video room and find what they’re looking for.

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Stitch clips together to evaluate common themes

One clip alone doesn’t tell the full story.

Our playlists feature allows for multiple clips to be stitched together to see common themes in the game and across the season.

Use multiple clips to support your development.

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Copy the right events from previous matches

Starting your analysis from scratch can be frustrating.

Using the new Video Player you can upload your video and import events that you have used in the past.

This brings trends of performance to the forefront and makes your analysis more pertinent.

A Video Analysis Platform For Ambitious Coaches and Players

Coach Logic can be used for dozens of different sports. What’s important is that you and your players are committed to getting better.  If you’re not sure whether Coach Logic would work for your sport, please get in touch.

Trusted by Top Organisations

We work with some of the most well-respected organisations and people in the world of coaching and player development. EuroHockey and Chelsea FC, amongst others, trust us and our platform to improve their organisational set up and culture of progress.

Everything for £4.99

We want every coach to have the ability to start using video analysis to support their team and personal development so we created a monthly price. If you are ready to get the whole team engaging we have team wide and organisation deals that are flexibly priced to fit your needs.

The Future of Coaching Now

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of coaching and analysis, working with coaches and players to integrate the future into Coach Logic. We want you to stay on this path with us and so all our core updates are available to all users.

Collaboration at the Core

Andy and Mark, our founders, were frustrated by how long video analysis took and how little the players learnt from not being involved in the process. We collaborate with our community and listen to our customers to develop a product that works wherever you are on your journey.

Coaches and Players Love it

We take pride in hearing positive feedback from our customers. It's great that people say our product is easy to use and gets everyone involved quickly. No matter what type of coach you are you can see the impact we have on teams.

More than a Technology

We will fully support you and be proactive throughout the setup, integration and growth of the programme. We run webinars and workshops to make sure you are getting the most out of the platform. The support team is one email away and replies with a few hours of the query.

Terry Westley

Coach Logic allows us to speed up the development programme, as players can take control of their learning.

Head of Academy, West Ham United
Roddy Deans

The big thing for me is the inclusive nature of the programme. Analysis is not just for the elite, importantly everyone is learning. Our players also lead the analysis reviews in the classroom and the coaches just sit their and listen.

Director of Rugby, Merchiston Castle School
Andy Halliday

Coach logic is an excellent tool for any club from grass roots to elite. There is no doubt that this has clearly contributed to increased individual and team performance.

Great Britain Hockey Manager
Ally Donaldson

The biggest impact Coach Logic has had on our team is enabling the pupils to work hard in their own time and take more responsibility for their personal development. The accessibility of Coach Logic is fantastic.

Director of Rugby, George Watson's College
Darren Cheesman

I use it at school and it is great as I don't have time to get everyone into a centralised position to do a half hour analysis. Sending clips means I can get them thinking about questions before we meet for the next session.

As the players get used to it, they can start to recognise the areas they should be looking for.

Director of Hockey, Haileybury School

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coach Logic work for all sports?

Coach Logic is a flexible platform designed for coaches and players who are committed to getting better, meaning most sports teams will find value in the software.  If you’re not sure whether Coach Logic would work for your sport, please get in touch.

Our pitch doesn't have a good vantage point, what would you suggest?

You can film from ground level, but the quality of footage is vastly improved when increasing the height of the camera. If no vantage point is available, we can suggest alternatives.

Will Coach Logic save me time as a coach?

Yes, Coach Logic absolutely saves you time when used as intended. Our collaborative analysis tool enables you to share the load with your players and other club members.

Can Coach Logic be used on iOS, Windows and Android?

Yes, Coach Logic is compatible with all operating systems. The Coach Logic mobile app is free to download from Apple and Play Stores and the Coach Logic desktop app can be accessed on either iOS or Windows using most browsers.

Do we need specialist equipment to use Coach Logic?

Recording equipment of some kind (and Memory Card if not built in) would be the minimum requirement.

From experience, a Video Camera doesn’t need to be expensive to capture usable footage. We’d would recommend a tripod for a stable picture. Read more. 

How does your pricing work?

We have pricing packages designed to suit all organisations, from amateur clubs and schools to elite teams.  Visit our pricing page for an overview or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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