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Video Analysis & Feedback

Analyse video of matches or trainning sessions.

The Video Room allows you to send clips of specific moments directly to another team member or to a group for more focused discussions.

Team Communicaton & Collaboration

The Activity Feed is a 2-way communication tool that works both an individual and group basis.

Share relevant information and see what’s been shared with you.

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Coach Pete we start in a good position. Could we have taken a different option to create a scoring opportunity? Friday at 10:27 Download Attack Phase Team A vs Team B (00:01:08) Starred Reply (3) Match
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Friday at 10:27 Coach mentioned you in a message. "Pete we start in a good position. Could we..." Friday at 10:43 Jack replied to Coach’s message. "I was. I should have made it easier for you..." Wednesday at 15:58 Coach replied to his/her message. "Paul" Wednesday at 15:03 Coach posted a message. "Everyone, read these before next session..." Monday at 20:15 Ben replied to your message. "Let’s work on that technic tomorrow. at the..."

Player Engagement & Involvement

Coach Logic’s mobile app engages players and coaches anytime, anywhere.

It allows the team to create discussions around specific moments. Plus you’ll be notified when your peers mention you on a clip or when you’ve been added to a discussion.

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Pete Thanks Coach. I can see now from the video that Jack was in space. Friday at 10:27 Jack I was. I should have made it easier for you by clearly letting you know. Something all Players could improve on. Friday at 10:43