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Streamline your video analysis

Make critical learning tools and resources easily accessible to your rugby team online.

Upload, view, analyse, discuss and share limitless match and training videos with a user-friendly interface and simple, yet powerful platform features.

Proven rugby performance analysis.

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Coach Logic Videoroom


  • Video upload for collaborative analysis
  • Discussion / comments keeps players engaged
  • Match review to shape future development
  • Video tagging and filters for easy analysis
  • Integrates with offline analysis tools

Better Rugby teams with Coach Logic

Empower your squad with greater tactical knowledge and enable them to commit lessons to memory with more meaningful video interactions.  Optimise learning on and off pitch and get your players making smarter decisions during those 80 minutes by giving them greater responsibility over their development through self-analysis, using our rugby analysis software.

Rugby teams get better with Coach Logic.

Keep players engaged with collaborative analysis

Open up communication channels and build team culture making sure your rugby players are engaged on multiple levels – whether its through learning, social or peer-to-peer feedback – capitalise on more frequent, more meaningful exchanges to power better team performance. Instant results with our rugby coaching software.

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Rob Cain

Saracens Women are always striving to find new ways to raise the bar and keep one step ahead of our competitors so we are really excited to be working in partnership with Coach Logic.

When we were looking for an analysis tool it was important that it matched our clubs philosophy of developing smarter rugby players and empowering them to problem solve first hand.

Head Coach, Saracens Women
Ally Donaldson

The biggest impact Coach Logic has had on our team is enabling the pupils to work hard in their own time and take more responsibility for their personal development. The accessibility of Coach Logic is fantastic.

Director of Rugby, George Watson's College
Chris Fowke

We have found that our players feel greater empowerment and have greater understanding. They will turn up to training and challenge us on some points about the game.

Some of the coaches were initially reluctant to use the platform but the Head Coach was keen and everyone is on board now.

Chief Operations Officer, Army Rugby Union
Will Coach Logic save me time as a coach?

Yes, Coach Logic absolutely saves you time when used as intended. Our collaborative analysis tool enables you to share the load with your players and other club members.

Can Coach Logic be used on iOS, Windows and Android?

Yes, Coach Logic is compatible with all operating systems. The Coach Logic mobile app is free to download from Apple and Play Stores and the Coach Logic desktop app can be accessed on either iOS or Windows using most browsers.

Does Coach Logic work for all sports?

Coach Logic is a flexible platform designed for coaches and players who are committed to getting better, meaning most sports teams will find value in the software.  If you’re not sure whether Coach Logic would work for your sport, please get in touch.

Our pitch doesn't have a good vantage point, what would you suggest?

You can film from ground level, but the quality of footage is vastly improved when increasing the height of the camera. If no vantage point is available, Coach Logic customers receive a discount on the Hi-pod camera. Read more.

Do we need specialist equipment to use Coach Logic?

Recording equipment of some kind (and Memory Card if not built in) would be the minimum requirement.

From experience, a Video Camera doesn’t need to be expensive to capture usable footage. We’d would recommend a tripod for a stable picture. Read more. 

How does your pricing work?

We have pricing packages designed to suit all organisations, from amateur clubs and schools to elite teams.  Visit our pricing page for an overview or get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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