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Coach Logic can be used for dozens of different sports. What’s important is that you and your players are committed to getting better.  We also offer a full site-licence that covers every sport. If you are interested in this, please get in touch.

roddy deans

The big  thing for me is the inclusive nature of the programme. Analysis is not just  for the elite, importantly everyone is learning.

Director of Rugby, Merchiston Castle School
james bateman

Coach  Logic has really helped us to develop our students, both as individuals with  1:1 feedback online, and helping them understand tactics in greater detail.

Director of Hockey, Oakham School
sam pointon

I  recognise that people learn in different ways, and some will use analysis  more naturally than others. I see Coach Logic as an important tool in this  learning process.

1st XV Coach, Rugby School
simon mulholland

I love the platform and it's the most simple to use analysis platform I have used.

Director of Rugby, Sedbergh School
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