June 23, 2017

How Powerful Is A 15 Second Video Analysis Clip For Your Sports Team's Development?

Written by:
Andy Muir

Although I would be the first to admit that a 15 second sports video clip won't provide the exact 'magic formula' for your team success, much gold dust exists for you to transfer into a live practice environment with your players.

As a coach, your ability to highlight the most effective learning moments (which clips to show?) will give you the best opportunity to harness the power of providing coachable clips to your squad.

So whilst you certainly have a part to play in the information transfer (including practice session design), here are some fantastic upsides to creating and sharing 15 second video clips to those you coach...

Players viewing key moments and snippets of their performance will be a much better chance of understanding their role within the team, from being able to clearly see the 'wider' scenarios and teammate interactions.

Game understanding also has the potential to develop by interacting with vision within a context of decision making (on and off the ball).

This self awareness is most powerful and fully exploited when coaches adopt a facilitative approach by asking questions to affirm learning and retention of information.

A 15 second clip has the power to help players drive their own development by highlighting key areas that they can further work on and improve.

Simply put, a video clip is (coachable moment) is an 'objective' record (everyone can clearly see what has happened) of performance that can be collaborated on, discussed and reviewed again at any time in the future.

In fact, research shows, that when players are empowered (not showered!) with video clips, as part of a holistic coaching methodology....Skill Execution Improves.

So, how can coaches benefit from 15 second video clips?

Dependant a little on perhaps where you sit on the experience 'scale', their is still much value for all when it comes to utilising video.

Newer coaches will accelerate their own game education, relationship with players and their abilities.

The information supplied from a small analysis clip contains enough 'data' for coaches to be able to assess decision making, skill execution and patterns of play (against their benchmarks and expectations etc).

This information, as is the case for players, becomes an objective way to discuss these moments with players, units and teams.

For a coach wishing to use time effectively, it is fair to say that a snippet of video tells more of a story than words alone!

The analysis and feedback cycle must be aligned to your practice design in order to achieve transfer to match performances.

A sports video analysis clip has so much power when it come to practice session design, as it arms a coach with what may be a required inclusion for next session, next week or even a focus for next month.

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